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Oh My Oh My. It was such a  bad weather these last 2 weeks I didn’t had a chance( or time) to walk into my garden. I did yesterday with my camera…  Our spring was very very hot and dry, plants were suffering from not getting water. until the weather changed completely into rain , rain, rain and cold…  How good that was for the plants…

But my garden became some kind of jungle…. my vegetable plot (in the far most corner of the garden) was completely overwhemled with weeds, but nice weeds… 

viltalakim, vegtableplot

I planted strawberries here, somewhere…  now the Borage reaches hip-high. Way too beautiful to pull them out so the strawberries are on their own deep underneath, I think they will manage, hihi a quick weeding was very effective:

but I kept the Borage.. such a nice little blue flower to eat!!

So an impression of what is in bloom here:

viltalakim, scabiosa



Borage or Bernagie of in Dutch Komkommerkruid

Rosa "The Fairy

Today it is 30 Degrees Celsius, 12 degrees more than yesterday…. gonna enjoy the sunshine.  I hope you too!

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2 Comments for My garden

riet baird | June 27, 2011 at 2:55 pm

zo herkenbaar kim, te droog, te nat, te koud, geen tijd, geen zin, en dan ineens heeft het onkruid je tuin overgenomen, het is hier niet anders hoor:)
veel plezier in het zonnetje!

Nathalie | June 27, 2011 at 7:42 pm

What a lovely garden you have….can you come and do mine? ;)

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