the flower parade

It were again long , but great days last weekend. On thursday afternoon we drove up to Bad Ems, a little place in the area form Koblenz in Germany, about 2 hourrs drive  from my place. 

Bad Ems

Goal was to make flowerarrangements for a parade of the bartholomeus markt which would be showed at Sunday. I always enjoy it to the fullest, working with so many flowers. finding solutions to attach the floral foam to the car etc.

This year was very special as it was the 50th parade and the 30th time Peter Daemen was the flower designer. So, we , the group dutch flowerarrangers  descided to walk along the parade too. An extra car to decorate with flowers and fun for us preparing our costumes. 

before we started, empty cars.... stryrophor

bad ems blumencorso

And after the people added Dahlia flowers onto the styrophor and we the flowerpieces everything ready for Sunday

Opening and closing the carbio to see what wil move and where to attach ropes which wil hold the floral foam. Problem is many parts of these kind of cars are made of plastics.... and no holes to attach a rope. But we managed, even as ladies.... .

We were heard this for at least 3 times... "the ropes are not good, you cannot close the roof like this"... We said we can and checked it" but proved it  by showing so to the man.

The other "Luxuarious "car got a little car attached  and rolls of conifer guirlandes, 


"Our "car was a very old one which  Chantal cut open while being filmed for the Tv. 


This was the result: not much roof anymore and all windows were beaten out except the front window. Chantal and Janine made a flowerarrangement in it.

And this was on Sunday before the parade started.... stil dry, but after it took off it rained and rained and rained....

  viltalakim, kim Nijsten


A group picture of all the florists, Peter daemen and Gerrie are missing on this picture :(

The famous Kurhaus was the place for the camera's and Vip's, many people along the road to watch . 

The queen of this event.: Alexandra looked beautyfull and great on this flower car

It was a super long weekend, but worth it,  I was able to improve my floral skills in this kind of flower works. Looking forward to do such things more

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