I know it is Tuesday today but unfortunately so many things happened last week I wasn again not able to complete the stitch I’ll try to get on track soon I promise…

Last Sunday I was at a music concourse, my oldest had to play in front of a jury  and thought why don;t I take something along to do?  not a difficult question as I just found this tutorial:

crochetting a simple  flower  / bloemetje haken

So I started crocheting and look at the result… I think 17  were made while I listened to the different performances.

viltalakim, bloemetjes, haken, crocheting, flowers

Today I went to Amsterdam to a stadion called  the “Arena”  a strike was organised there 50.000 teachers were there. 550 buses from all places of the country drove to it… I sat more hours in the bus than in that Arena, but it was all for a good case: trying to stop the plans of  our minister of education .. On our way back we sadly heard on the radio she still thinks here plans will be super and better for the education :(  I would love to take her along for a week in our job….

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terriea | March 7, 2012 at 5:15 am

Wow, the little flowers are so pretty. The crocheting is very clear and looks easy to follow. Sounds your mind and hands enjoying at the same moment the performance and crafting. Meg’s well done !

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