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Kids workshops

This afternoon I had 2 kids workshops. The first workshops was for 3 girls making a felted cover for a journal. I never made this with kids and also not in 1,5 hr. But in the worst case I'd sew the covers and deliver them later. Here are impression pictures. 

First I gave them 55 gram of fleece carded merinowool  and said to  completely cover the  plastic plate. 

viltalakkim, vilt, workshop, kaft vilten

Then time to find some nice colors to make decorations on the felt, an initial, a flower, everything was possible.  

vilten, viltalakim  

vilt workshop, viltalakim, wol  

And then time to felt, first with hand and then rolling: 

viltalakim. workshop, vilten, wol,

the results, It is felted, but it can become best felt  if worked half an hour more, but the girls were not that hard working anymore and time was over. So rinsed them out and added them to the spinner 

viltalakim, vilt, wol, felt

Had my sewingmachine ready, and normally id like them to learn to sew a cover them selves , but now I sow it for them. Using a short ribbon on the 2 sides to hang their lock on. These books were going to be used as diaries. 

viltalakim, felted bookcover, workshop 

Soon after they were gone  the next workshop started: making a dreamcatcher. Results and my examples: 


I really feel good teaching the children how to make these, Seeing their smiles on their faces. 

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A Family project

2 days ago I gave a lovely workshop. A family came over to felt on huge  a present for their dad and husband. I split this huge project into 2 days as the age of the children was from 9 till 19 . On the first workshop day they all made a flat piece of felt which they made prefelt of and we left it to dry for the next day to work.  

Twee dagen geleden heb ik nog een fijne vilt workshop geven. Een familie kwam een groot kleed vilten. Omdat de kinderen van 9 tot 19 waren hebben ik het project in 2 dagendelen opgedeeld. In het eerste deel maakte iedereen een eigen stuk voorvilt dat we daarna uitgewassen hebben en laten drogen voor het 2e dagdeel.

viltalakim, workshop, wol, vilt

So part 2 of the project was to felt all these personal pieces into one huge piece. We flipped the prefelts upside down, added beautyful gotland wool on it and after all decorations were placed, it was ofcourse time to starts rolling and make felt of it.  

Tijdens het 2e deel zijn we alle individuele lappen aan elkaar gaan leggen tot 1 geheel. En omdat ze het geheel 2 zijdig wilden maken zijn we begonnen met de viltpanelen ondersteboven te leggen en daarop wol , zodat uiteindelijk de "achterkant" ook versierd werd. Veel water was nodig om alle wol goed nat te krijgen, voordat er gerold kon worden. 

viltalakim, vilten

They never imagined it would be like this and the amount of work... but they were with enoug people to roll so had lots of fun too. 

Ze hadden nooit gedacht dat het rollen en vilten zelf zo'n werk zou zijn, maar waren reuze enthousiast

rolling the wool, viltalakim

I wished I could show you the  result but as it is a gift and not given yet, I don't think it is fair to show, will do so after 2 weeks, ok? 

Hope you are tempted to come and do a workshop at my place too. I can even make a giftcard for you. Might be a good idea to ask for Christmas? 

 I finally added some new workshop thems and dates take a look here. 

Ik zou jullie graag het resultaat laten zien, maar omdat het kado nog niet gegeven is, nu alleen detail foto van het uitwassen ...  Jullie houden het tegoed, ok=

Ik hoop dat jullie nu ook in de verleiding gekomen zijn om ook eens een workshop vilten bij mij te komen doen. Ik heb nieuwe thema´s en datums hier staan.
en misschien is het ook een leuke tip te weten dat ik ook workshop cadeaubonnen kan maken. Leuk voor de feestdagen ;-)

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a Birthdayparty

I love teaching and yesterday I was able to teach 6 girls how to felt a 3 layered flower. AS one of the girls wanted to do this with her friends as a birthday party.

She wanted to celebrate it here at my place so she made a very delicious cake and took it here.

In the middle of the workshop we had a break and her friends hided all their presents for her in our garden. They sure had fun.

And I really liked the results.

viltalakim, workshop, birthdayparty, kinderfeestje, vilten

viltalalkim, kinderfeestje vilten, wol, bloem, brooche

Meanwhile my kids were playing  outside with paint by their own….  using a lot of paint.. …

verven, painting

I loved the results, some came out good, some not , but it is an experience :)  oh and that beautiful purple you can see in the first “paint picture” ended up black :(


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Felting flowers

Yesterday evening I was asked to give a felting workshop in  library, so I collected everything I needed for it and went off to `Berg en Terblijt`.  It was for all the people whom helped in the librairy and because they existed 30 years.

They started with some cake and coffee/tea and a speech, After that it was my turn :)

viltalakim, workshop vilten, op locatie, felting

all tables were in use, so I displayed the wool at the floor

So I started to show how to make a  three layered flower, by doing it and waiting till they also completed that step. I have experienced people don’t remember what I did at the beginning when I show the total process, so I always guide them step by step…… “Okay everyone finished this step? Then let me show the next step….”

viltalakim, viltworkshop, vilten

During the felting proces there were many people saying it was hard work… something they didn’t all really expected, but at the end the results were good and nice. All amazed by the “shrinking” and felting proces..


We cleared away the felting  materials and sat down for a nice drink and a chat. At the end I think everyone was really happy with their flower and I was happy to drive home  after a nice evening :)

viltalalkim, workshop vilten, bloemen. flowers

the results

Enjoy your Tuesday!! This evening I’ll be teaching flower arrangements at my school, need to take over a class for my colleague.  Will be something totally different from felting but also with adults and it will be as nice as yesterday I hope :)

See you!!

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A felting masterclass

So this Friday evening  it was finally time to drive to Den Hague to my sister as on Saturday a felting masterclass was given by Tatiana Sheverda, a Russian but living  in Australia.  It was organised in Cristina Pacciani´s place.  I was really looking forward to this workshop, getting to know some felters in real and for me a new technique(s) I never worked with silk organza which we were supposed to brign along and a dress I also never made for myself…

So on Saturday morning I left my sisters house and traveled for a little more than an hour by train and tram from Den Hague to Amsterdam . It was going to be a wonderful day!!

viltalakim, travel, train , vieuw

I knew from Facebook that Corrie Koenen, Dorrie van Dijk, Fabienne Dorsman and Eifel filz were going to come too… the rest was  a surprise :)   We were with7 people ….  The other 2 were Elisabeth Berthon coming all the way from France and another Dutch lady but whose name I forgot, sorry..

After an introduction from Tatiana we started with making a resist and layering the wool, etc..  


In between we had a delicious lunch and in the evening far after the end time (we talked too much while working, hihi) we had a super dinner with a cheese cake for Fabienne’s Birthday, as desert.


I was feeling all of a sudden how tired I was and went back to Den Hague with Corrie. On Sunday I drove to Dorie’s Home to pick her up and continued the drive to Amsterdam… Luckily men doesn’t have to pay for parking on Sunday:) and we worked from 10.30 till 13.30 in Cristina’s place. Thank a lot for that, Cristina!!

Now at Home I’ll need to get my dress a little more felted and do the shibori part….. hope I get it finished by Sunday 9th as I’ll be having an open House exhibition  again.

On my way home I passed a pumpkin farmer and I just had to stop. Look how inviting this looks. Could you have passed without stopping and buying????


Well I couldn’t so this is how Janna displayed it at our garden table…  some I’ll save till the winter period, jummy


at my terrace table

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!!!

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