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These last few days of my vacation, I try to finish as many things as possible. 

My husband is helping me to get the furniture I might need in the shop painted in white. As I don't  have a definite plan so far, about my set -up.  Depens on where i'll be standing in the building etc.  I thought better (let)  more things painted white as too few... 

Also my other projects are still asking time. I have the interior project for which raw wool needs to be bought, washed and a bigger problem: also dried.... I can hardly find a proper space to get it dry ....  and after that where to storage it?

mergelland wol

bought 17 new fleeces, a kid passing by thought it was chicken... :)

viltalakim, raw wool, washing, wol wassen  

my 3 washing tubs, and in front and back wool drying 

drying the wool, viltalakim

I added plastic boxes upside down, they let in air from the bottum so the wool can dry

I asked a grocery store for vergetable cardboard boxes and I now use them as storage for the dried wool. It would be a pity to add all the wool back in a plastic garbage bag again plus this is easier to make a huge pile...

Another project is a jacket for a wedding on September 14th.  I'll only show you one picture as i don;t want to show the rest yet.. I wil use chiffon silk and 2 layers of merinowool.... pictures of the result be posted here after the wedding  i think.

viltalakim, gillet, vilt, wol

The beginning, calculating how big my felt needs to be..... 

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When you are a felter or someone whom works with wool, you probably know why I added the !! behind the word moths…..This morning I was in my basement and I always love checking my wool then, but today I wasn’t happy at all as I found traces of moths!! Help!! Moths eat wool…….

Hmm what to do? the basement is small and dark so I better take all the wools out and as the weather forecast is predicting frost during night and day I didn;t have to think long about a solution… I wanted to take everything outside.. will leave it there till the springtime.. the frost will be deadly for the moths and their ” eggs/ larves” .

viltalakim, wool, raw wool, fleeces, bags

My daughter helped me with his task  added all the wools outside. After we were done she said: “Mummy this was quite a heavy task to do, if you didn’t know!! My hand were all smelly from that dirty wool , but now I washed them they smell nice again ” My sweet girl :)

Now I better get my snow boots and winter jacket on and move all the bags to my garage so it cannot get wet by new snow….  Trying to buy a plastic box every month so I can store the wools in a box so no moths can come in there anymore….

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I didn’t dare to call this post weekly happy stats as It is such a  long time ago I blogged them… Let´s hope I can find the time to write them every week. I think it is a good thing to realise how lucky men is every day over and over again. It doesn´t have to be in huge material things, it can also be in the small things. Like I had today when I saw a  great tit (=koolmees in Dutch)  it came to my terrace searching for some crushed hazelnuts…

  • it was my first week I had to teach “VMBO and MBO”  (= high school and profession school?  ) students whom chose to become a florist and I was happy the students are nice and the classes went well.
  • I learned a class of children that it is not dangerous to eat a fresh harvested pear or apple…  after one asked me “teacher why is that pear hanging in that tree outside? “……
  • I am  booked to give a felting workshop for 20-25 people
  • got a mail messaging I’ll be featured at the Dawanda Blog next week
  • I made a sweet little ringbasket for a wedding, made me very happy when I was making this as I knew it would be making others happy

viltalakim, bloemschikken, flowers , arrangement

  • the outcome of a test of my daughter, a worry less
  • the happy face of my daughter when she was able to wear the felted wrap skirt to school
  • seeing many thick  and sweet grapes in my garden
  • the bouquet of flowers I was able to pick
  • re-decorating our living room with cosy items as Autumn is here..
  • the dress I bought from Thongbaitatong arrived now I can match it with her bag
  • and last but not least the arrival of the wool I ordered, will make DIY craft kits with this…

viltalakim, wol, wool, fleece, colorfull

Enjoy your weekend!!

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