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The winter is now officinally over even though this year we didn't really had much of a winter I think we had barely 3 nights with frost. Even my perannials of last summer survived outside and started to bloom in February!!  Amazing nature. 

Hydrangea, hortensia

Peaony, Pioenroos

garden, tuin 

Childrens part of the garden " way" back from the house on the hill

I has been very quiet here lately, and I must admit it is due to all kind of factors in my life. All my creativity is gone, but slowly coming back. 

I can enjoy my garden again, sow flowers for ecoprinting get as many for as low costs. 

zaaien, plantjes

Tagetes and  Anthirrrinum majus, (for the kids) 

2 weeks ago I had a special evening : a group of people  whom want to make something floral everytime, no one is teacher, just to think of something else in the floral field and keep updated. 

The theme was floral light and i wil show you a small detail of it. 

viltalakim, floral , weaving,

Enjoy your day and I hope to post more regular from now on again. 

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