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Today I had an annual day of the dutch felting society. I left very early with P. Noordhoff , drove to germany and picked up my Colleque A, drove to Susteren and dropped off my cardingmachine at M. place. All before 8,15. Then we finally drove to Amersfoort, a 2 hours drive from my place. 

Not even 30 minutes from our last stop the heighway was closed and we had to follow the boards for the alternativ route, we saw villages we never were before and we arrived more north  at the same heighway. I expected we could drive on it again, but still that part was also closed. I followed the signs Eindhoven again and arrive at the first spot we had to leave the heighway, arghhh,   We drove a circle!!  :( :( Finally we arrived one hour too late, missed the meeting but were in time for the worskhops :)  

My first worskhop was called: "Knopen stansen en vilten". 

We pilled up prefelt , one at a time and after felting it thoroughly it was punched and i got 4 beads

viltalakim, knopen, stanse

The second  I participated was called : "deksels vilten" (felting with a lid)

I forgot to take pictures but there is a picture with all the things I "produced "

Next one was called "Zeeuwse Knoop"  given by Ellen Bergman. Therefor we used some kind of sponge with holes and we added prefelt and wool on it. nice results!! 

Then we moved over to the table to learn about how to make a scouts braird. The lady whom taught us , Titia Rithagen, told me that it was only possible for 4 times, "the folding". but I felt triggered and thought about it, and so I made a longer one. She was happy it also worked. 

Then we went to try  felting a Keltic knot , Which was also fun to do,,, amazing  how a long felted cord  of 1.5 m can become so short after knotting it. 

Last thing i did was making a button from felt.  We all got the first one for free the next ones were €0,75  each, Very special ones,for a special project.

viltalakim, landelijke dag, viltkontaktdag

In the left corner all the things I made , Very pleased with it :)  


the other side of the table ,  not all people added their results there.

While driving back to our place we discussed about the scoutsbraird and we (A and me)  descided it should be possible to make it longer....

viltalakim , braird

Top one was a short one and bottom one is one part how I made it there and second part is made in the car...  not by me, I was driving ;-) but by A. 

It was a very nice meeting and i feel loaded with new plans and ideas 

After writing this post I made 2 longer brairds and 2 more "ballflowers" by making holes in a sponge :)

viltalakim, vlecht, vilt, wol

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A special saturday

Today we had a felting meeting in Schijndel with felters of the Viltkontaktgroep  living in the region South of the Netherlands. It was organised at a nature estate with many old breeds of dutch sheep. out of the 58 people they invited , 26 wanted to come.

So this morning I drove to Geleen and Sittard to collect people whom wanted to travel along. We had fun  talking in the car already :) After a warm welcome and a few things we needed to discuss about we started felting with some unwashed but carded ”Mergellandschaap” wool .

Everyone had to make a A4 size and add some extra to it. after rolling it 30 times to  2 sized we collected all 4 of the pieces and cut them into 4 pieces. So all people of a table got a piece of everyone’s work. We placed it down , added two more layers of wool and felted it on till it was firm and ready. It was fun to do and we exchanged info of alll kinds of things.


After lunch we had a tour on the estate and visited the sheep stable too. It was labour time for the sheep with green marks on them, the blue ones were due for next week. In 20 minutes time I saw one sheep delivering 3 lambs. It was like I could feel the contractions myself again.  

these were a few hours old

Back in our workspace we were able to buy some raw fleeces and I couldn’t resist ofcourse and bought a complete wensleydale fleece… now I only need to start thinking what to make with it.  After we saw everyone’s work it was time to drive home again, dropp everyone off and I was really relieved to arrive home.. slept for an hour it was a fine long day :) no need to say I am very enthusiastic about this day.

I really hope you will enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’ll be reading papers of my students tomorrow…..


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