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It is summertime and although the weather is more like autumn, I happen to have many happy moments last week.

Best of all my youngest daughter turned 8 on thursday July 14th, unbelievable she is 8 already.. how fast time flies. I recall her birthday like it was yesterday. A super hot day it was, temperatures of 28 C, but inside the house it was nice, and the labour went fine too. 

We had her birthday party 2 days before her birthday and how lucky we were by doing so!! Tuesday we had great warm weather, which the kids of course loved while walking the bare feet path and as they could go for a `dive `in our little swimming pool although it started raining :)

Yesterday (Friday) we went to a wildpark in Gangelt, Germany, walked in the Forrest and the kids gave the deers and goats and all the other animals some special food, which they really loved. Afterwards I was able to buy a secondhand notebook to take along to my trip to India and wile driving back home we came across a wonderful field filled with sunflowers, cornflowers and poppies…. as far as the eye could see… so beautiful and rare here in our area. We stopped and we walked a long way into that flied as many sunflowers were already picked. Kids started to play hide and seek and I really love standing in between a flied of flowers. Reminded me of my childhood when we also played in the fields surrounding our house….

We all picked a bunch of flowers to take along  they looked like this the morning after we picked them:

flowers, viltalakim 

and meanwhile I also managed to make some felt:

viltalakim. felt, vilt, wool, wikkelrok and two  small scarfs of which one is  fitting to this skirt :
viltalakim, scarf, vilt,

hope you can find  many happy moments too this summertime!


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