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Wow how time flies, doesn't it? I just saw my last post is from months ago. The reasons for that is that I had a very good freind from India  was staying here adn itw as a busy time lots of things to organise. Now, during the vacation time a good moment to look back at what  I did.  

In the beginning of May we had a groupexhibition in Kanne, Belgium. The opening evening was very promissing.

expositie Kanna

The 3 days after this evening I was going to offer small felting workshops there to all whom wanted to felt... we had heigh expectations.... 

viltalakim workshop, vilten

But as it was springvacation, I guess many children were out on vacation to warmer places :( So not that many workshops to do

After that Vasudevan left to Uk to give workshops there and a lexcture in Estonia and for me started teaching again, a very busy time as examns and end of year presentations were held.

 I gave a workshop Canlde light votivs,

viltalakim, vilt, wol, theelichtjes, kaarsjes

Made a new kind of shawl, using Indian Saree left over fabrics, 

viltalakim, shawl, stola,

a workshop rug making


made a rug myself too :)

viltalakim, raw wool, wool, vilt

viltalakim, ruwe wol, wool, wol, vilt

and  my good freind Heather came to visit me for in the weekend June 1th and 2nd. We finally met after mailing for so many years now. I showed her Maastricht and Den Bosch, organised a meeting here with 2 other ladies she knew and are also freinds of mine: Mitsy and Mariana plus their kids it was a great weekend. 

On sunday when she left, the weather was excellent for an outside (late) breakfast.

The weekend after that Vasudevan came back and on Sunday 9th we drove all the way to  Blankenham and Vledder (places 3 hours drive from my place) to pick up 3 looms I bought after first seeing them. I'll make a seperate post for the looms. 

Ok that'is it for so far. In the next post more about the textile workhsops we gave..... to be continued

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