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The winter is now officinally over even though this year we didn't really had much of a winter I think we had barely 3 nights with frost. Even my perannials of last summer survived outside and started to bloom in February!!  Amazing nature. 

Hydrangea, hortensia

Peaony, Pioenroos

garden, tuin 

Childrens part of the garden " way" back from the house on the hill

I has been very quiet here lately, and I must admit it is due to all kind of factors in my life. All my creativity is gone, but slowly coming back. 

I can enjoy my garden again, sow flowers for ecoprinting get as many for as low costs. 

zaaien, plantjes

Tagetes and  Anthirrrinum majus, (for the kids) 

2 weeks ago I had a special evening : a group of people  whom want to make something floral everytime, no one is teacher, just to think of something else in the floral field and keep updated. 

The theme was floral light and i wil show you a small detail of it. 

viltalakim, floral , weaving,

Enjoy your day and I hope to post more regular from now on again. 

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Just a picture from my garden today

viltalakim, leaves, Hydrangea quercifolia

Hydrangea quercifola

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My garden

Oh My Oh My. It was such a  bad weather these last 2 weeks I didn’t had a chance( or time) to walk into my garden. I did yesterday with my camera…  Our spring was very very hot and dry, plants were suffering from not getting water. until the weather changed completely into rain , rain, rain and cold…  How good that was for the plants…

But my garden became some kind of jungle…. my vegetable plot (in the far most corner of the garden) was completely overwhemled with weeds, but nice weeds… 

viltalakim, vegtableplot

I planted strawberries here, somewhere…  now the Borage reaches hip-high. Way too beautiful to pull them out so the strawberries are on their own deep underneath, I think they will manage, hihi a quick weeding was very effective:

but I kept the Borage.. such a nice little blue flower to eat!!

So an impression of what is in bloom here:

viltalakim, scabiosa



Borage or Bernagie of in Dutch Komkommerkruid

Rosa "The Fairy

Today it is 30 Degrees Celsius, 12 degrees more than yesterday…. gonna enjoy the sunshine.  I hope you too!

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It looks like I neglected my blog for a few days and that has everything to do with my garden.. We have a garden which is approximately 750 m2  and I really had to do some pruning work in there otherwise it really grow into a wild jungle  :)   But I also had some time to make pictures of flowers in bloom at this moment…  Enjoy it! Oh and have a great weekend!

viltalakim ,garden, flowers


You can also view these pictures at my photostream at Flickr.

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Wednesday Wisdom

Vandaag een wijsheid in het Nederlands:  For English please scroll down.

 We hopen altijd dat een ander het antwoord heeft

Dat het op een andere plek beter zal zijn

Dat ooit alles duidelijk zal zijn

Maar dit is wat het is

Niemand heeft het antwoord

Nergens anders zal het beter zijn

En alles is er al

In het diepste van je wezen ligt het antwoord

Luister naar je hart

En weet dat het enige wat je te doen staat is ZIJN

Lao Tzu

viltalakim, tuin,

 I have tried to translated it into English ….

We always hope that another person has the answer
That it will be better at a different spot/ place
That everything will be clear ever
But this is what it is
No one has the answer
Nowhere else it will be better
And everything is already there
In the depths of your being is the answer
Listen to your heart
And know that the only thing you have to do is BE
Lao Tzu

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