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Wow how time flies, doesn't it? I just saw my last post is from months ago. The reasons for that is that I had a very good freind from India  was staying here adn itw as a busy time lots of things to organise. Now, during the vacation time a good moment to look back at what  I did.  

In the beginning of May we had a groupexhibition in Kanne, Belgium. The opening evening was very promissing.

expositie Kanna

The 3 days after this evening I was going to offer small felting workshops there to all whom wanted to felt... we had heigh expectations.... 

viltalakim workshop, vilten

But as it was springvacation, I guess many children were out on vacation to warmer places :( So not that many workshops to do

After that Vasudevan left to Uk to give workshops there and a lexcture in Estonia and for me started teaching again, a very busy time as examns and end of year presentations were held.

 I gave a workshop Canlde light votivs,

viltalakim, vilt, wol, theelichtjes, kaarsjes

Made a new kind of shawl, using Indian Saree left over fabrics, 

viltalakim, shawl, stola,

a workshop rug making


made a rug myself too :)

viltalakim, raw wool, wool, vilt

viltalakim, ruwe wol, wool, wol, vilt

and  my good freind Heather came to visit me for in the weekend June 1th and 2nd. We finally met after mailing for so many years now. I showed her Maastricht and Den Bosch, organised a meeting here with 2 other ladies she knew and are also freinds of mine: Mitsy and Mariana plus their kids it was a great weekend. 

On sunday when she left, the weather was excellent for an outside (late) breakfast.

The weekend after that Vasudevan came back and on Sunday 9th we drove all the way to  Blankenham and Vledder (places 3 hours drive from my place) to pick up 3 looms I bought after first seeing them. I'll make a seperate post for the looms. 

Ok that'is it for so far. In the next post more about the textile workhsops we gave..... to be continued

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vacation 3 blockprinting

As promissed I will write again about my vacation as I also learned new things there. This post will be about blockprinting. Even my kids made their own pieces.

 After making a piece of cotton Meg got very enthousiastic  and also printed her own pants :)


Stamps which one to choose?blocks

Me still block p[rinting while M-T just finished her Batik piece

block printing, Tasaraindia

Anna and Ashley focused and in the back Eugenie

blockprintingMignon, Eug and M-T blockprinting a second piece

tasara weaving centre, blockprinting

The results of Meg, Janna and little of my fabric




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I want to announce a very Interesting Textile workshops event:

tasara weaving centre, monsoon workshops


A residential workshop exploring a variety of weaving and surface-design techniques, in a secluded, family-run setting. Experience India’s legendary monsoon season in a place with year-round mild temperatures on Kerala’s green coast.

Techniques include handweaving, natural dyeing, shibori, multicolour batik, wood block printing, silk screen printing, felting, tie and dye, etc. Instruction will be provided 5 days a week, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Four-week residencies are offered during the workshop session which will run from 1 July (Sunday) to 15 August (Wednesday) 2012. The fee for a four-week residency will be 900 Euros per person, double occupancy, or 1200 Euros single occupancy. The fee covers tuition and basic workshop materials, accommodation in a spacious guest house, and all meals, including breakfast and dinner of south Indian cooking and self-catered lunch.

shibori, tasara, India, Textile event

For more information and to register, please contact by March._26th.

Confirmation of your registration by payment of 50% of the fee will be due by _30th April.
Registration is limited to 10 participants
Email: vasudevantasara@yahoo.com
Web page: www.tasaraindia.com
Youtube: Tasara weaving centre
Skype: vasudevantasara1

I have been there last year and I can really recommend it to anyone. It will be an experience for life time. Hope to be able to go back there soon

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I didn’t only give felting workshops in India, I also gave a flowerarrangement demonstration and a short workshop for all those whom were coming.  So I went shopping on Wednesday August 3rd and Friday 5th  to buy and see what flowerswere available there..  Pots, floral mass,  special things, and still thinking what to make and show? 

viltalakim, Flowershop, Calicut, India

buying flowers

But I had a great idea , talked about it with Vasudevan and it was possible……So on Saturday August 6th it was time:  woke up early and at 10 the particpants; arrived and everything was ready for the demonstration.  I Introduced myself and  started talking about how to treat flowers and what do’s and don’ts.

flowerdemonstration, India, viltalakim

starting with my first arrangement


viltalakim, flowerdemonstration, India

a modern parallel style


viltalakim, bamboe

bamboe reprepared for the particpants


 These bamboes were going to be the basis of the vase arrangement I was going to  make with the participants. Such an amazing range of exotic materials to work with  for a Dutch person… of course the Indian participants liked the imported bought flowers more, like Roses, Carnations, Gerbera, Gladiolus, Solidago, Cyperus evergreen.  Solidago is in my own garden growing like weed….. so I didn’t really felt like using it, but it was fun to do. 

viltalakim, tasara weaving centre, flowerworkshop

the hall of the Tasara gallery and guesthouse was perfect for this photo shoot.


viltalakim, flowerworkshop

all makers together


After giving this workshop I learned a few things… 

  • try working with materials which are special for the local people
  • make your own style
  • calculate a few days to find special things; on Monday afterwards we came across an coconut oil company and they had loads of coconut shells…. think of how many ideas came to my mind …. oef.
  • don’t worry to improvise, That’s part of a demonstration.
  • I gave the participants an option for what I should show/ demonstrate for one floral piece.
  • I ended the demo part with making a hand bounded bouquet with all the flowers which the participants were going to use… just to show and I think it was the best thing to finish with :)

Next time I’ll be trying to find and work more with local natural materials. I think there are so many possibilities…..

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So another thing I learned from Vasudevan, Sunder, Malu and Shandra, inIndia was shibori . I know this can also be done on felt, but as my time in India was really slipping away, we tried this technique on cotton fabric. What does shibori means, let´s check wikipedia again:

Shibori (絞り染め, Shiborizome?) is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing it, or capping. Some of these methods are known in the West as tie-dye.. 

viltalakim, tasara weavingcentre, cotton,

before dyeing

viltalakim, tasaraweavingcentre, cotton, katoen

And we made another piece with 2 people sewing and after that 3 people tightening all threads…

viltalakim, tasaraweavingcentre, cotton, katoen

viltalakim, tasara weaving centre,

I really enjoyed this thechnique and I think I will continue this and make more…

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