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Finally a new post.. a  busy time lately. Today I started with a  walk in my garden with my camera, making pictures of the different flowers I saw. Trying not to see all the tasks I still need to do in the garden, hihihi    

It always amazes me how fast nature awakens sometimes.. I love it!

my garden springtime, boterbloem

Even in my pond I found these flowers in bloom



vergeet/mij/nietje, Myosotis

Myosotis, some say it is weed, but I cannot have enoug of them in my Garden.. kids love  making bouquets with it all the time :)


Tulipa, a symbol for Springtime

berries, promissing

Promisses for many berries

blossom of the peachand this one will be a jummy peach if enoug bees find this flower now …. 

Enjoy your springday today!!

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