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a fairytale weekend part 1

Yes I really feel as if I had a fairytale weekend. I went to visit my very good friend Esther in Sweden. Looking back on the few pictures I took and the things we did together is was way too short. And magical it was as  for meit fell as if  I really arrived in another world.

Before my husband drove me to Dusseldorf my garden looked like this: 

Sunny and i think abotu 10C. More as we normally have as average on a January day. In Dusseldorf it also was the same: dry and quite sunny, But after I landed in Copenhagen it looked like this outside: YESS!! Snow :)  

I had to change trains in Lund, but no fluent connection so I had to wait there for 20 min. realising I had forgotten to pack some gloves... brrr. But I was captured by the magic of the snow. 

The end of my train journey was in Höör, Sweden. Only travelled for 5 hours and there I was  standing in the snow!! Esther came to pick me up and even though it was dark I recognised the streets again. It all looked god covered under a nice layer of snow, Only to drive in such weather is less fun. 

At her house I was eager to get out all the gifts out of my suitcase. This box with 8 Primula's was in my suitcase and wasn't harmed at all. 

To protect the plants from  bumping to eachother I added some wool inbetween. We were also planning on doing some felting together so clever storage :)

Esther was amazed. 

She didn't thought I could manage to take these plants and flowers along. But a good tradition, I started with the first time we visited her years ago,  I couldn't break, could I?  And Yes I also took a bouquet (of Tulips) along. We sat and drunk tea and chatted and laughed. Went to bed way too late as we both couldn't stop talking :) Then in the morning this was the vieuw outside!! 


Saturday has started!!

A nice breakfast table was set up, and I enjoyed the flowers as much as she did. 


After breakfast time to congratuled her neigbour whom had his birthday and we went off to Lund for shopping in my most favourite shop in Sweden. but I wil write a second blogpost. so wil be continued.... 

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Since monday we have snow and oh boy do the kids love it!! When they came home from school it started with wet snow and when the day became shorter the snow got thicker. So after dinner time they rushed outside and started making all kind of things with the snow, in darkness :)


“Mummy it is Christmas now right?” Janna asked. “Oh is sinterklaas already gone then?” I aksed her (sinterklaas is the Dutch Santa but he celebrates his birthday at december 6th by giving every child toys) “Oh no, silly me:)” J.

 I cannot blame her from getting mixed up, hihihi  normally here in the Netherlands we rarely have snow that stays, mostly it is gone in one day and that happens mostly only in January so having snow at the end of November is very rare for us. So we try to enjoy it to the fullest, taking the kids to school by sledge and make sure we have many warm cloths to wear.

a snowbirdfeeder house made by Meg

birdfeederhouse of snow made by Cas

it works!! how many birds can you see?


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