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I am having so much fun dyeing scarfs. I feel excited everytime i can finally open the scarfs. Wonder about how the result wil be and the colors. It keeps me surprising everytime. 

viltalakim, natuurlijk verven, natural dyeing, scarfs, silk

My little dye space outside on the floor next to the back entrance of our house. 

viltalakim, verven, textile, natural dyeing, shibori, scrafs, silk. zijde

The one on the left is already untied, the rest others stil patiently waiting 

viltalakim. sjaal, scarfs, silk

The results stil wet, (so little darker as when dried i think) wil take a picture after rinsing and drying again. 

viltalakim, scarfs, naturldyeing, plantaardig verven

and here in full length. The righter scarf has an a symmetric design: In the bottom part the rounds are in the middle and  on the top part at the sides. 

viltalakim, scarfs, natural dyed

the scarfs hanging "double" used Caesalpinia coriara and Terminalia chebula

and in full stretch: 

viltalakim, scarf, zijde sjaal, plantaardig geverfd

viltalakim. sjaal, zijde, verven

another one, used 2 different dyebaths 

viltalakim, natuurlijk verven, plataardig verven, natrual dye

and here the full collection  I made last weekend. One is sold already! If you are intersted in a scarf too , don;t hesitate to contact me,

The price is €29.50  each. 

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the two things

…. of yesterdays post had to be dry before I could open them and this came out:

viltalakim, scarf, sjaal, vilt, felt, Filz, wool, wol

viltalakim, scarf, sjaal, filz, vilt, Felt, Wool , wol,

viltalakim, scarf, sjaal, filz, vilt, Felt, Wool , wol, shibori

front side “balls” are up

viltalakim, scarf, sjaal, filz, vilt, Felt, Wool , wol,  shibori

back side

viltalakim, scarf, sjaal, filz, vilt, Felt, Wool , wol,

As you can see on yesterday’s post the lace was first mint green something, but it also absorbed the purple dye, except for the bottom laces. But I think it matches the white where the wrapping was… 

I still had one other scarf, which needed to be dyed too  I wanted to show here too, but I somehow deleted all my pictures of last years….  Help!!  I just hope I can find them back … and show you my other new felts tomorrow

Enjoy this day!

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A new year

After celebrating the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 I am ready to make some new felts again……  I didn’t want to make something I already once made, but wanted to experiment a little.  But first as everyone does: best wishes for you my dear blog readers.  May2012 be a Happy, healthy and a year filled with new  (good) experiences and lots of creativity !!

For inspiration I just had a good look at my supplies and decided to use the things I haven´t used for a long time.. Started with lace, wool and even dye ……

Will  let the pictures do the talking….

viltalakim, scarf, shibori, felt, Filz, wol, wool

viltalakim, vilt, felt, dyed, purple

viltalakim, felt, shibori, lace, kant, wol, wool

viltalakim. felt, vilt, wool, merino, lace, shibori

And today I got the wool I ordered, jippie!!

wool Tomorrow I’ll show you the results of the dyeing and maybe the new scarfs I am making now… yes I am in a felting mood again :)


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Last week it was finally sunny!!!  I was able to take some new pictures of my nunofelted scarfs. Making pictures isn´t easy but I think I managed to get some nice shots now …  I know they can always be better I am not a professional photographer.

Nuno felt is when you use silk fabric in combination with wool. I made a tutorial about how to make a nunofelted scarf enjoy your weekend!!

viltalakim, vilt, sjaal

In de  afgelopen week heb ik eindelijk tijd gehad om weer eens nieuwe foto´s te maken van mijn nunovilten sjaals… de zon scheen en er was eindelijk genoeg licht.  Mooie foto´s maken is niet gemakkelijk maar van de 10 zijn er meestal  2 wel bruikbaar…  Ze kunnen nog altijd veel beter, maar ik ben helaas geen professionele fotografe.

Nuno vilt is een vilt techniek waarbij je zijde stof combineert met wol en zo een heerlijke soepele doek ontstaat die ook nog aangenaam warm is. Ik heb er ooit een foto les van gemaakt.  die kun je hier zien: how to make a nunofelted scarf  Veel plezier dit weekend!!

viltalakim yello, geel sjaal

This weekend the Carnaval in the south of the Netherlands will take place.. Most used colores are red, yellow and green :) I will be celebrating in the parade in Maastricht.

viltalakim vilt sjaal


Dit weekend start de carnaval weer . Rood, geel en groen zijn dan de favouriete kleuren.. …  zal zelf gaan meelopen in de optocht in Maastricht. Alaaf!!

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