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For last weekend I planned to do some natural dyeing as I had silk, and natural dyes from Vasudevan. I thought a quick job, but how wrong could I be?

First I cut and torn all the silk fabric I had then I sort of hemmed all the edges..... that took a lot of time, but I wanted to do so before dyeing. Unfortunately I couldn't find any silk sewing thread so I used cotton (which doesnot take color as fast as silk)

viltalakim, eucalypthus, dye

I made a new dyepot with dried Eucalypthus I had here laying ... After making this I read in the book form India Flint. I better should have left it soaking in cold water first for a night....  but this worked too. I cut the stems and leaves and let them heat up to 80 degrees for an hour , added very little vinger to it as the water might be not neutral here in my region. Then I used a netting over another pot  to get all the plant material out of the dye. 

viltalakim, natural dyeing, Eucalypthus

Emptied the used pot and added again a net and added the dyewater back in the pot used.  Then I added the scarf let it simmer for one hour and then I turned it off and let it cooled down. 

Lily of the Valley leaves, Solidago, viltalakim

I picked some Convallaria majalis ( Lily of the Valley)  leaves, and also some Solidago, I want a yellow / greenish dyebath and also want to see the difference between the two. The Covallaria bath was used with one scarf which I simmered first and then let cool down during the night... the result wasn't green, but soft yellow. I dipped it in the red dye and left it there during the day. 

viltalakim geel

The other dye baths were already made by Vasudevan for the workshop in June here. One was made with Pathimugam = Ceasalpinia coriaria and was first orange but after adding  alum as mordant it got dark orange, 

The other dye was giving me a grey color  coming from:  Terminalia chebula 

These natural resources are also used as intaking medicins in the Ayurveda (ancient Indian school of medicine) treatments.

Well time to show off some scarfs, I used chiffon silk and ponge silk

Before and after I dipped them in the dye for at least half an hour the scrafs looked like this: 

viltalakim ,

and after drying and opening them:

viltalakim. naturaldyeing, verven, silk, zijde


after dyeing in Terminalia chebula 


a mixed dip in Caesalpinia coriaria with and without mordant same like the other 2 below this text.


viltalakim, natural dyeing

After dyeing in Caesalpinia coriaria

 viltalakim, sjaal

After dyeing  in the  Eucalypthusbath

 viltalakim sjaal

A combinattion in two dyebaths

 viltalakim, natural deying  

A nice collection so far.....

viltalakim, silk, zijde, verven, plantaardig

This was the last scarf in this session...  I stil have plenty of dyes, I need to buy new silk.... 

viltalakim, dyepots, dyebaths, solidago , verven

My dye space is outside using one electrical pit.

One is sold already :) and maybee one more to go 

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Yesterday I had one lady coming from far to learn how to felt. She had never felted before and was excited to get started. She descided to felt a scarf with a "corner" in it for extra protection in purples, aqua and green

viltalakim, scarf, sjaal, wol, vilten

The result was a very nice scarf and she was amazed by the wetfelting proces and very happy with her scarf as it was nice soft and thin. 

viltalakim, sjaal, scarf, vilten

After she left I had again some time left before the next workshop started. Yes it was again a day with 2 workshops. While this lady was bussy with her scarf I was also able to felt. I made a lovely musicbox, but not yet completel;y finished so not picture of it yet. . 

In the evening 2 ladies came to felt a flower This time they wanted also to felt a stem to it  so we did.

viltalakim, vilten, bloem, brooche

"it is more work as thought"  and  "so amazing to make felt like this we never knew"

After the flower was felted , there was even time to add some beads to it:

viltalakim, kraaltjes, bloem, vilten

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the final result, but I can guarantee they were both very happy with the flower and best thing of all they assurred me they will come back again to felt some more with friends. Best Pr ever :)  

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I still need to show you the other results, don’t I? Well due to my birthday last Friday I kind of run out of time … In the morning I gave a children birthday felting workshop with this as results:

viltalakim, feltingworkshop, kinderfeestje, vilten, wol, vilt

and after that I had to prepare everything for the guests later on the afternoon, I got many many birthday wishes, calls, cards and lovely  presents.


me at the end of the evening, My first day being 37 was over…..  :)

kim Nijsten, viltalakim

but I’ll not keep you waiting any longer . Here are the new scarfs I dyed, I now have a purple collection, hihihi not sure if I don’t make something else from it, but for the time being they look like this: I think it would also be a great one for a man.

viltalakim,vilt, felt, scarf, shibori, dye. verf

viltalalkim, scarf, purple,

It looks like I forgot to make a picture of the other scarfs, will do so when I have some daylight again…

Till the next time

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more new felt

Yes I have been productive lately… trying to catch up after the busy December.

Again I wanted to experiment with shibori and felt, so  laid out another scarf  for my dye bath and found 2 more scarfs which needed some colorviltalakim, dye, verven, koken.

My electrical  kookingplate in my studio, opening the door for fresh air …..

viltalakim, felt, wool, purple, vilt, wol

I cannot wait to open it up!! how will the pattern be? Did I pull it tight enough? hmmm

Let me make new scarfs… 2 layers of wool upon a layer of silk lap, rolling, rolling rolling…. Is it felted well enough? Let’s do some sewing on it and add it to the dye bath …

looks good don’t you think, again waiting …

viltalakim, vilt, felt, shawl, scarf, sjaal, wol

the scarf tied up with glass stars and glass pebbles now waiting till it is dry, so the felt memorises the shape of the stones.. have patience!!

will be continued……

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