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Queensday in Sittard

So today my first fair from this year… And I must admit I was afraid I didn’t have enoug new things.. sold a lot last Christmas season and didn’t have time to make loads of new stuff  so far. Last Saturday and Sunday I managed to nuno felt 4 scarfs in one “rolling- go” and they came out great I think… hoping I would sell them today  but.. I still have them :)

viltalakim. nunofelt, vilt sjaals, scarfs, shawls, silk, Chiffon,  Will be uploaded soon in my etsy shop.

Back to the fair again. When my daughter and me arrived there we found out we were placed besides this beautyfull “Basiliek “church. The local marching and “schutterij” stopped in front of our  table to bring a serenade to all the people whom were decoreted with a medal of Honor by the Queen the day before.  We were so to say first rang audience :)

baseliek Sittard


just before the music came and many  visitors I managed to take this picture of my table,

viltalakim, Sittard

J. was joining me as she wanted to sell her selfsewn necklaces…. eager to sell :) she also made text boards in Dutch AND in English!!  ”You never know Daddy!! We also need English for the non Dutch people”…… oh and the word for “ketting” is  I know , I know!! wait wait… .. Necklace!! ”

 She finally sold 3 necklaces , one to my husband ;-) .

She also took a picture of me at the end of the day with me felting a flower

viltalakim, kim nijsten. vilt, felt, filz

It was a super nice sunny day and I hope to be invited next year too .

Thanks to the organisation of Oranje Comitee Sittard




An art Market in Sittard

Today I particpated in a Queensday art market in Sittard I have never attempted that fair so I didn´t really know what to expect, but I was quite surprised to find out it there were really nice artists there. I got a table at the end (or beginning) of the oude marktstreet.  Luckily I also had some space beside my table so children whom wanted to felt a little soap could stand there.  Here’s an impression…

the "schutterij" marching in....

before the start of the fair

viltalakim, vilt, kim nijsten, felt, fllz

ready to sell!!

viltalakim, kim nijsten. vilt, felt, wool

me and my items (thanks Jos for taking these pictures!)

viltalakim, vilt, kim nijsten, felt, wool

me explaining what these things were...

I must truly admit I am exhausted, I was late in my bed and very early up again…  but I was happy I was there. Talked to many people , fingers crossed they will all come back for a workshop too:)

A thank you to Jos, Mariane and Mariana and her son for visiting me. Was great to talk with you.

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