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Our daughter Meg

Most of you probably know it already, our oldest daughter Meg has been hit by a car on Friday afternoon June 6th. She is stil (now a week after it happened ) in a very critical situation and fighting for her life. 

The doctors don't know the effect of her damaged brains. And as the brains are the most important part of a human body that is the main focus of the doctors, the other injuries are of less importance. . All we can do is wait,  hope, keep faith and pray for a miracle.

Please keep her in your thoughts by burning a candle or in your prayers.

Meg Nijsten

Meg we love you very much!!  <3 <3 <3 <3 

Armand Nijsten , Kim Nijsten and your younger sister Janna 

Due to this all planned workshops from Viltalakim and fairs etc are cancelled. 


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