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Finally a new post.. a  busy time lately. Today I started with a  walk in my garden with my camera, making pictures of the different flowers I saw. Trying not to see all the tasks I still need to do in the garden, hihihi    

It always amazes me how fast nature awakens sometimes.. I love it!

my garden springtime, boterbloem

Even in my pond I found these flowers in bloom



vergeet/mij/nietje, Myosotis

Myosotis, some say it is weed, but I cannot have enoug of them in my Garden.. kids love  making bouquets with it all the time :)


Tulipa, a symbol for Springtime

berries, promissing

Promisses for many berries

blossom of the peachand this one will be a jummy peach if enoug bees find this flower now …. 

Enjoy your springday today!!

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Wednesday fun

Today was such a wonderfull day! Sunny and warm (17 -18? degrees C ) a perfect springday. In the morning I was teaching and I also took the students with me outisde, was  so nice to walk through the schoolgarden and tell about plants, names, color, etc. after that work was done and I got home I wandered into my own garden with my camera. here some impressions…  Oh and best of all we had the premiere of  having dinner outside….  Jippie!!  There’s nothing better than eating outside in my garden :) I really hope you will also soon be able to eat or sit outside.

vieuw from my chair while sitting in the sun ( and taking a nap )

can you feel the sun???

dinner is served outside jummy

Let’s hope tomorrow will be another day like this… no work only free -to- do -whatever -I- like-time:) no appointments till the kids come home  from school ….

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