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Every day I drive to my work in Heerlen I admire all the colors of the leaves from the trees. Each time a new season starts I first need to adjust but then I believe it is the best thing to happen. Do you know that feeling too ?

Yesterday I sorted some leaves out  from the Cotinus coggria : Royal Purple" I couldn't resist doing so.... What do you think?

 Cotinus leaves

I made a "feston/ guirlande with the students too. This is my finished example, made with findings out of nature.

How to make one :

Start with adding a longer stem from ironwire to the berries and all which has a short stem. After these preparations you take a piece of rope (as long as you want) Adjust the wire to the rope and take a few leaves and berries etc place them around the rope and  fasten them with the ironwire, leaving the wire attachted, take some new materials you want to adjust to the rope. 

viltalakim, floristy

Covering the previous adjusted leaves and wire. It will be like a roofs tiles.... continue this for as long as you want the piece to be. At the end just fasten the wire off to itself and made a knot in the rope. Cover the last part of the wire and stems with a ribbon or wool or whatever you like.

In case you hang it ouside it will not stay longer fresh as inside.

Enjoy Autumn!!

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