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Yes I am going international with my felting workshops...  Germany, India, Sweden,, Belgium, Sounds good no? I hope to add more countries to it, as I like teaching and travelling too so a good combination. 

But to be honest, Belgium isn;t that far from my place... only 30 minutes drive. Today's destination was one town more far then where I held an exhibition in May. Only the trees looks different. Where back then in May the trees were fresh green, now they slowly turning yellow, red, brown and becoma empty before the winter is here...  Nervertheless, I am always feeling gratefull for the beautyfull area we live in and all the changes in nature per season. 

Kanne, Maastricht, Chateau Neercanne

At the place to be, were 8 children waiting for me to arrive. We had lots of fun while making 2 pieces of soap per person. Hopefully they wil once come to my place too, to do another workshop here. 

The results: 

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ps. the table had this great color...  but does now look little strange on the picture. 

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a Birthdayparty

I love teaching and yesterday I was able to teach 6 girls how to felt a 3 layered flower. AS one of the girls wanted to do this with her friends as a birthday party.

She wanted to celebrate it here at my place so she made a very delicious cake and took it here.

In the middle of the workshop we had a break and her friends hided all their presents for her in our garden. They sure had fun.

And I really liked the results.

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viltalalkim, kinderfeestje vilten, wol, bloem, brooche

Meanwhile my kids were playing  outside with paint by their own….  using a lot of paint.. …

verven, painting

I loved the results, some came out good, some not , but it is an experience :)  oh and that beautiful purple you can see in the first “paint picture” ended up black :(


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