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Yesterday eve I finally dyed my white dress, for the flower parade I wil attemp at the end of this week. The theme is "flower power" and that fits perfectly to this tie-dye technique I think. 

So I bundled glassstone stars in it, tied it all and started dyeing..... hoping all the materials in this dress would absorb  the colors. 

Last picture is not a very good one, but wil make a better one later on the day

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Nunofelting a dress

So today I finally got the guts to start withthe nunofelting dress project. I dreamt many nights about how Icould do it, but I nevertehless descided to make a trial dress for a doll first.

So I started with messuring the doll and making a resist with a schrunk factor of 1,5

viltalakim, vilten, felting

Covered the resist on botth sides with linen fabric and chiffonsilk  and layered 2 layers of wool upon it. Wetted everything down and started rolling . This is after it was finished, way too small for the babydoll, but I think a Barbie dooll will look great with it :)  

viltalakim, vilt, felt, filz

And the other side of the new fabric:

viltalakim, vilt, felt, filz

My daughter whom I wanted to felt a dress for said:” wow mummy that is a nice small dress!! “                                                 Me: “ I want to make something like this for your communionday”                                                                                                  Janna: “No Mummy I don’t want a felted dress. I want a dress made with fabric. “    (  :(       )                                                             Me: “uhhh? But felt is fabric…                                                                                                                                                                              Janna: No felt. 

 Hmmm dilemma for me….

Meg being helpfull: “Mummy but I would love to wear a dress like that!”

Kids :)

Enjoy your sunday!!

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