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On Sunday 20th of Jan it was finally The day!!  The day the whole village knew whom the new yought prince, prinsess and adjudant are for this years carnaval season. We already knew since dec 17th and it was very diffycult to not tell anyone. a week before we met the other parents of the prince and adjudant. Ohh boy were we excited that Sunday. Here that special moment of reveiling whom the new kids were. 

carnaval, haverzekskes, bung

haverzekskes, Bung, Bunde, carnaval, jeugdprinsenpaar   

carnaval, haverzekskes, bung, Bunde,

Adjudant Stan, Princess Meg and Prince Bas the third

carnaval, Haverzekskes, havermennekes, bunde

with the adult prince and princess

carnaval, haverzekskes

after getting all their decorations :

the prince his special hat and scepter

the princes her small crown and flowers to wear at her wrist

the adjudant his hat and wooden stick 

it was time to get the parents on stage and honour them with a medal and red shawl.

haverzekskes, bunde, bung

A sisters chat: "why didn't you tell me something before??? " 

Beppie Kraft , haverzekskes

a picture taken after a song with a famous local singer: Beppie Kraft 

raad van elf, haverzekskes, bunde

and a group picture with all the parents and children whom are in the guard of eleven. Wishing you all a very festiv an happy time upcoming weeks!! ALAAF!!

The website of this carnaval organisation with more pictures can be found here: www.haverzekskes.nl  

or at a digital local newsite: http://www.marsnamagazine.nl/fotoboek/776

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