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new energy

After suffering a flue, 2 weeks ago,  last week I finally felt  90 % again. The last 10 % I got from positive happenings like:

  • My youngest daughter making a steamed Indonesian cake called Roti Kukus, jummy

  • finding the magazine “viltkontaktblad ” in my mail with my article about Etsy


viltalakim, etsy, atrikel, viltkontaktblad

  • a crocheting/ knitting evening with some other mothers time just flew…

viltalakim, crochetting, haken, katoen

  • a succesfull workhop felting raw fleece to 2 ladies they made this in 3 hours!!

viltalakim, raw fleece, kragen

  • I felted also a raw fleece collar :)

"viltalakim", kim nijsten, vilt, ruwe wol, ongewassenbefore making it wet, still dirty and lots of lanoline

viltalakim, Racka wool, Vilt, felted

After finishing nice clean grey Racka wool locks

viltalakim, Kraagm vilt, felt, Filz, Racka wool,

nice addition to any coat/ vest don't you think?

  • the felting demo I gave today at Lucas creativ in Vroenhoeven (B) not a single person wanted to give it a try, but I think at least 3 ladies will contact me for a workshop and I might found a photographer for my felts…

viltalakim, felting, wet, natvilten,

viltalakim, pressentation, felt, vilt

  • arriving home I found a submission paper for an art fair on June  second in Urmond.
  • seeing new growth in my garden everywhere like toddstols:

frogs eggs, garden, nature

Life can be good isn’t it?

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I know it is Tuesday today but unfortunately so many things happened last week I wasn again not able to complete the stitch I’ll try to get on track soon I promise…

Last Sunday I was at a music concourse, my oldest had to play in front of a jury  and thought why don;t I take something along to do?  not a difficult question as I just found this tutorial:

crochetting a simple  flower  / bloemetje haken

So I started crocheting and look at the result… I think 17  were made while I listened to the different performances.

viltalakim, bloemetjes, haken, crocheting, flowers

Today I went to Amsterdam to a stadion called  the “Arena”  a strike was organised there 50.000 teachers were there. 550 buses from all places of the country drove to it… I sat more hours in the bus than in that Arena, but it was all for a good case: trying to stop the plans of  our minister of education .. On our way back we sadly heard on the radio she still thinks here plans will be super and better for the education :(  I would love to take her along for a week in our job….

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A secret santa Gift

 I really love being in teams at Etsy… They are  really helpful and encouraging. one of them is a group called the dino’s. A group of people whom know each other through the Europeanstreetteam  for several years now. I got a name of some one whom I need to send a gift to, before December 5th and someone else gets my name… .

It is so excited whom will be making something for me and what will the receiver think of the thing I made for him/ her?

Last Friday I got a huge envelope in my mail and as I knew I didn’t order anything lately I knew it was from a Santa :)

So I opened this up and:


Found a beauty full scarf inside!!


please check out her shop and find even more beautiful things she makes!! Thank you very very much Bai!!

The other thing I got was the dress doll my father found at a flea market…  it wasn’t working properly, so he looked after every button and here she is… isn’t this amazing? The doll can be adjusted:  wider shoulders, hips, waist, breast…… not sure If I’ll ever become a real fashion designer, but if so this doll will be perfect :)


and I want to share some of my crochetted stars, I made last week. When I got infected with thecrochet virus by a neighbour, whom needed some help.

crochet, haken, viltalakim

before making them stiff with a simple sugar solution of a cup of sugar with a cup of water….

viltalakim, crochet, haken

stretched it and pinned it onto an old towel, allowing it 2 days to dry

stars, crochetted, viltalakim

different yarns, giving different effects

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