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After having this high fever I went back to work, not completely feeling 100 % myself , but ok. When I came home last Monday I got a message 2 people called me  and asking me if I was able to make a funeral flower piece.  Two funerals in one week…  wow.. As I really love making flower arrangements I said yes.

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So Thursday I started with making all these flower arrangements and just when the first one was finished I got a call: The grandmother of my Husband died that morning.. She was 92 yrs old.  I was so touched and upset I couldn’t  continue working at the arrangements for one or 2 hours..  I also offered to make the funeral piece for grandma, but they didn’t want me to make it :( ……

Here are some picture of the pieces I made for the funerals for Friday and Saturday.

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The bases is also made by myself, used a saw, and a screwing machine….


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This piece was made to place on the coffin.

grafwerk, bloemstuk, begrafenisAnd this was a smaller one but in the same style

grafwerk, kiststuk, bloemwerkThe second piece

grafwerk, kiststuk, funeralpiecefinished

Two totally different flower arrangements… one with many colors and one in only one… I cannot say which one is my favourite… I like them both :)

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Warm Hands

So last evening I had 3 lovely ladies here coming over to learn how to felt. They never felted anything before but look how nice the results are.

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After they went home I still needed to make a  flower arrangement for a funeral..  this is what I made at midnight time:

hope it also looks good in daylight…

Now I feel so tempted to felt some of them too for myself. (the mittens I mean, hihi’).. hmm may bee not such a  bad idea :)   Enjoy your day!!

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