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This week was gone before I knew. A good sign don’t you think? It wasn’t an ordinairy week, no we had Carnaval and the kids were free from school. So a relax week for us all …… .

  • On sunday my kids and me went to Maastricht to join the carnaval parade, we sure had fun as the car didn’t start… I pushed a lot and was never soo early at home again (17.15 h), due to my mother whoms feeth hurt. Next year I’ll be planning something with other people to celebrate  also in the evening :)

this very tiny purple flower gives a super sweet fragrance,, too bad you cannot smell. My nose could be stuck there for hours

  • Monday was great too seeing the parade in our village

nice surprise, I added the pot there before winter started... bottom is gone. nature is strong

  • Tuesday was a topper although I still have mixed feelings about it, as I missed the last day of Carnaval in Maastricht :( becasue we went to the beach in Zeeland :)  Made beautyfull pictures there, burned my face and felt very lazy

Janna dancing with sand

  • Wednesday was a day I’d rather forget, grey and dark, no energy….

  • Thursday was  a fun day with my friend and her kids coming over to felt. They inspired me to felt new stuff on Friday.

  • Friday I was happy to bring 1140,- euro to the bank for the charity Reumafonds, the result of a door- to- door action of many volunteers. I organise this in my village for almost 10 years now. Feels good to do something for charity. Such terrible news about Japan..  take care all of you whom live there!!

pink Helleborus

  • Saturday was a super day, worked outdoors all day and best of all, saw the first butterfly this year!!! let’s hope for many more, as seeing  butterflies is a sign atmosphere is still okay to live in….

it was drying in the sun...

Most pictures in this post are taken today, we had a real spring day here with 16 degrees and lots of sunshine, worked all day in the garden was also a nice day. Kids were outisde all day and build a fort, drawn a map on my terrace and had fun.

Hope you had lots of happy moments too last week :)

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My garden today

So on the last day of October  the sun was shining and I saw from my window my tree got beautyfull colors….. Nice to capture I thought and so I went outside and discoverded many other beauties. Although we have had some cold nights already with temperatures below zero (Celsius)

Op de laatste dag van oktober was de zon aan het schijnen toen ik uit mijn raam keek en zag  dat mijn” Acer” boom die heerlijke herfst kleuren gekregen had. Tijd voor een fotoshoot. Buiten kwam ik nog andere schoonheden tegen en dat terwijl het de afgelopen week al flink gevroren had ‘s nachts…

Ain’t they beautyfull? Zijn ze niet mooi?

still in bloom October 31th 2010

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My weekly stats from this week were:  Mijn gelukkige/ blije momenten van deze week waren:

The  bouquet I was able to make with flowers I cut in my own  garden just before we had our first night of frost. De mooie bloemen die ik nog net op tijd voor de eerste nachtvorst heb kunnen plukken uit mijn tuin.

flowers, bouquet, garden flowers

Some very nice reactions to my new planned feltingworkshops. I am looking forward to see you all I in real :) De  leuke aanmeldingen voor mijn workshops. Ik kijk er al naar uit om jullie in het echt te ontmoeten.

The walk I made with my kids in “our” nearby forrest. They felt so at their place while playing there, (while I collected some more acorncaps:) De boswandeling die we met de kinderen gemaakt hebben, zich helemaal vrijvoelend in “ons ” Bunderbos, terwijl ik toch nog maar wat meer eikelkapjes gezocht heb.  

The 2 sale I had in both of my shops. Mijn 2 verkopen in mij etsywinkeltjes : een wol paketjes en 2 kerstboompjes.

The order for new wool I finally placed… not having to hide that fact for my husband:) He agreed I needed some new wool for my workshops. De bestellingwol die ik eindelijk hebben kunnen doen, zonder dit voor manlief te hoeven verbergen. Hij zag gelukkig ook in dat ik nieuwe wol nodig had voor de workshops.

The unbirthday present I got from Ingermaaike. Het onjaardags  kadootje van Ingermaaike.

The inspirational lecture of  Jeanne Meijs , she could tell such nice stories. De lezing van Jeanne Meijs op de vrije school in Sittard. Ze had zo een mooie visie op het leven voor de geboorte .

Have a nice Saturday all!!

Fijne zaterdag allemaal!! En heb je nog niks te doen komend weken , neem dan eens een kijkje bij mijn workshops :) misschien zit er iets bij wat je ook wel wilt proberen.

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