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I wrote this post before going to bed, with the hope I will see some sunshine today too  , just like last Sunday when I took this picture in my studio…. I think we all can do with some sunshine in this grey winter weather don’t you think??

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a new plan for 2012

Yes I am already planning ahead not much and only fun things like a new trip to India and this. As this is going to be fun I think.

I came across a blog in which is called Sahron B´s PIN  TANGLE. and she is going to show an embroidery stitch every week on Tuesday. Everyone is free to participate and show the result of everyone’s own blog/ page on the next Tuesday.  A reason for me to participate is it allows me to learn  new embroidery stitches which can give  my felts something  extra.

So please check the site out, it is not too late to join!! 

I am really looking forward to this challenge of embroidering something every week…. let’s hope I can keep up.

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Find it!

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