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Can you imagine how impatient I was to see the result? So I opened 3 pieces with the less stitches first just before heading to bed :) They were what I expected, jippie!! So I left the other pieces in the dye bath till the next morning.  So excited , as the other pieces were with more new sewings and foldings.

Before deying:

viltalakim, shibori, dyeing, cotton

preparing the cotton.....

viltalakim, shibori, dye, blue, cotton
9 sampler pieces

I know many of you said I’d use purple and that is also one of my favourite color at the moment, but as I got some “live” online help over skype last evening from Vasudevan of the Tasara creative weaving centre, I completely forgot to mix this blue with red… before adding the cottons …… So blue they wll be :)

I have pictured each piece separately and it is on my flickr photostream  so you can see each piece bigger .

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shibori, Viltalakim, flickr favourits

1. Shibori Samples 1, 2. Shibori, 3. Indigo Shibori, 4. Mandala Azul – Maki-Age Challenge

Shibori made by others with way more experience than me :)   Mine are dyed last night… hope to have time soon, to reviel them and see the results. Guess what color my testpieces will be? I´ll show them tomorrow okay?

See more flickr favourits at  Artmind etcetera blog.

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Yesterday I was invited to come along and play with natural dyes with some other ladies. M. Vermaas arranged we were welcome at the “kinderboerderij” in Daalhof Maastricht. This is a farm were children can learn all about (farm) animals and nature. Many schools go and visit this place.

I added the lid as I think it was quicker to boil.

When I arrived the otheres were already boiling their plants. I descided to dye with dried Eucalypthus

which I saved from throwing away at my school. I first filled my pot with water and added the Eucalytpus into that. This” recipe” I found while browsing the net at India Flits site. A lady whom lives in Australia and did a lot of dyeing experiments with Eucalyptus. As I took tapped water I added a little vinegar to make the water “softer”, next time I’ll try to use rainwater see if it gives a different effect.

So after an hour I added some white prefelt, merino wool roving, spun wool,  silk and thussah.

now watch what happens

 I helped with collecting the Tagetes flowers ain’t they lovely???

ready to be sorted out

 I let my pot with Eucalypthus simmer for nearly an hour and then I really had to go and pick up my kids. I set this pot aside and would come and pick it up today. This is how the wool and felt looked like when I left.

Is the color changing???

The other results were very nice. This is what was ready when I left. They dyed with unions, walnuts, meekrap, Buddleia, Tagetes; lovely colors 


 I’ll show my results tomorrow, ok?


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