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Kids workshops

This afternoon I had 2 kids workshops. The first workshops was for 3 girls making a felted cover for a journal. I never made this with kids and also not in 1,5 hr. But in the worst case I'd sew the covers and deliver them later. Here are impression pictures. 

First I gave them 55 gram of fleece carded merinowool  and said to  completely cover the  plastic plate. 

viltalakkim, vilt, workshop, kaft vilten

Then time to find some nice colors to make decorations on the felt, an initial, a flower, everything was possible.  

vilten, viltalakim  

vilt workshop, viltalakim, wol  

And then time to felt, first with hand and then rolling: 

viltalakim. workshop, vilten, wol,

the results, It is felted, but it can become best felt  if worked half an hour more, but the girls were not that hard working anymore and time was over. So rinsed them out and added them to the spinner 

viltalakim, vilt, wol, felt

Had my sewingmachine ready, and normally id like them to learn to sew a cover them selves , but now I sow it for them. Using a short ribbon on the 2 sides to hang their lock on. These books were going to be used as diaries. 

viltalakim, felted bookcover, workshop 

Soon after they were gone  the next workshop started: making a dreamcatcher. Results and my examples: 


I really feel good teaching the children how to make these, Seeing their smiles on their faces. 

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