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Yesterday eve I finally dyed my white dress, for the flower parade I wil attemp at the end of this week. The theme is "flower power" and that fits perfectly to this tie-dye technique I think. 

So I bundled glassstone stars in it, tied it all and started dyeing..... hoping all the materials in this dress would absorb  the colors. 

Last picture is not a very good one, but wil make a better one later on the day

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Sunday is a good day to revieuw my last week and share my happy moments with you.

Monday was a not usual workday for me… Instead of having to teach I was standing at a flower event in Alden Biesen in Belgium. This event opened for public from Friday till Monday and attracts thousands of people. Our students decorated a part of the castle´s attic and I was there to promote our school. It was great. I had very nice talks with all kind of people. Like the  2 English Florist  teachers whom travelled 14 !! hours  on way just to get there.

Tuesday I had a super good class with my students, and felt very satisfied. at home I baked a  `kweepeer`tarte tartin for my colleagues, dyed my white dress red and enjoyed the sunshine.

Wednesday always a long teaching day, but a close colleague was going to be 50 and we planned and made some nice decoration for his office… having much Pre- fun already :)

viltalakim, vilt,felt, acorn

Thursday finally some time to dye the dress in blue so I’ll get purple and  redecorate my windowsill with the felt united piece and after that it was felting time , jippie!

viltalakim, vilt, felt, spiderweb

Friday my daughter was sick but she wanted to help me every now, we had a nice chat :) very sunny weather and my dress was drying very well, so anxious to see the result, oh and I made a new felting tutorial 

viltalakim, felting, DIY

Saturday a day for me and the girls, mr husband was gone all day so we enjoyed the time with the 3 of us, went shopping, kids made cookies and I was even able to felt a new lampshade for my exhibition next Sunday

viltalakim, felt, vilt, purple, shibori

Today again a sunny day and I started with running with 2 other ladies at 7.30 in the morning!!  we run into the Forrest and it was nice to do.  After a shower and breakfast I started to prepare 2 new wrap skirts. Let’s hope they come out the way I planned them to be. I was finally able to open up my dress and it was fitting me!! after having a little photo shoot I found so many flowers still in bloom I had to walk through the garden and pictured them all :)

viltalakim, tuin,

I can look back on a super nice week.  Hope you can too!!

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Nunofelting a dress

So today I finally got the guts to start withthe nunofelting dress project. I dreamt many nights about how Icould do it, but I nevertehless descided to make a trial dress for a doll first.

So I started with messuring the doll and making a resist with a schrunk factor of 1,5

viltalakim, vilten, felting

Covered the resist on botth sides with linen fabric and chiffonsilk  and layered 2 layers of wool upon it. Wetted everything down and started rolling . This is after it was finished, way too small for the babydoll, but I think a Barbie dooll will look great with it :)  

viltalakim, vilt, felt, filz

And the other side of the new fabric:

viltalakim, vilt, felt, filz

My daughter whom I wanted to felt a dress for said:” wow mummy that is a nice small dress!! “                                                 Me: “ I want to make something like this for your communionday”                                                                                                  Janna: “No Mummy I don’t want a felted dress. I want a dress made with fabric. “    (  :(       )                                                             Me: “uhhh? But felt is fabric…                                                                                                                                                                              Janna: No felt. 

 Hmmm dilemma for me….

Meg being helpfull: “Mummy but I would love to wear a dress like that!”

Kids :)

Enjoy your sunday!!

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Work in Progress

A few weeks ago I showed off some pictures of my work in progress a sneak previeuw, well I didn´t show you what is was did  I? So today I’ll showing you the result as I finally managed to sew the right buttons on. My first intention was to use one as a birthpresent for my sister whom was pregnant, but as you might know she got a baby boy…..

These are for sale in my etsyshop. I hope they will end up being in use for a sweet babygirl. 

viltalakim, vilt, felt, kim nijsten, babydress, wool, lace, kant

 Oh and last evening I wanted to felt 5 new flowers but I could have known that goal was a bit too high. So I left them like this when I went to bed : 

viltalakim, kim nijsten, wol, vilt, felt

each "spot" has 3 separeted circles made out of 2 very thin layers of wool

This morning I finsished them and now they are drying in the sun:

felt, viltalakim, vilt, wool, flower, bloem

I only need to sew a pin to it at the back and they are ready to be used as a brooche… also soon for sale!!

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