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Before Christmastime

Wow time  flies!! The last few weeks were very hectic and I had lots of problem with my modem and computer, I hope all is fixed now so I can reply to mails quickly , write new post and so on. It did how ever gave me an earlier chance of decorating our Christmastree.

viltalakim, kerstboom, kerst, Christmastree

My teaching was fun but also different as normal as I planned many trips outside the classroom, more work for me to organise a bus, drivers etc, but definitely worth it. They learn so much from these things. Meanwhile I also worked for my shop. I made many many angels and after that my shop started running out of votivs so I felted them.

viltalakim, Angels, Guardian, engel, beschermengel, wol

viltalakim, angels, engeltjes

All of them were done, packed seperately and send off to Apeldoorn. More work as thought but fun to do.  

new wool , stock, viltalakim

Had to order new wool again and as they are so jummy to look at i started making new votivs with them too.

viltalakim, theelichthoesje

viltalakim, theelichthouders, vilt hoesje

viltalakim, vilten, theelichthoudertjes, kaarjes

And at Crafts and Co I gave a workshop how to make angels. Most of the ladies said "i am not creativ" but I always say every one is creativ and see the results. All very personal and unique. Well done ladies!! 

viltalakim, workshop, engelen

After working so hard and also a wisomtooth removed in the hospital I was "beaten"down with fever and flue. Christmas days were good and after taking enoug rest I now feel like felting again :)  

Wil update some new works here tomorrow I hope.. 

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De leukste adventskalender van het jaar wordt gemaakt door Samenspinsels, een collectief van creatieve en ondernemende bloggers.

Samenspinsels Online Adventskalender

U kent ze vast wel, die kalenders die ons helpen aftellen tot Kerst. Vroeger met kleine glitterplaatjes achter de deurtjes, tegenwoordig ook online, met een digitale verrassing die je opent door op het deurtje te klikken

De Samenspinsels Adventskalender is een geweldige tournee langs 24 gratis tutorials, give-away's, patronen en andere creatieve verrassingen. Laat je door ons inspireren! Iedere dag wordt er een nieuw vakje gevuld met een creatieve verrassing. Op 1 december gaat vakje 1 "open", op 2 december vakje 2, enz. En nee, je kunt niet stiekem vooruitkijken.

Kom dus vooral elke dag even kijken wat er achter het vakje zit en Doe er je voordeel mee. Klik op de linker kolom op een vakje en je komt er vanzelf. Veel plezier!!


I am going to participate in a "bloghop". "Samenspinsels "is the name of this group, which are a group of Dutch creative bloggers. All you have to do it click on a date on the advent kalender and you wil directly linked to the blog of that day. One link a day, no possibility to see what surprise there is before that day is there. 

Just click on the date in the right sided bar and have fun!!

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Christmas 2012

We had 2  lovely Christmas days, my husband and youngest daughter prepared many course dinner starting at 14h lasted till 20h . I cannot say I was hungry after that ;-)  

I always love decorating my home for Christmas and even worked at a huge wreath for my gate/porch during these days, I couldn't sit idle.... 

my windowsill

Hope you had wonderfull days too and wishing you a very healthy, feltfull and lucky 2013

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Hehe, I am ready with my Christmas decorations , just in time…

This year I decided to make my own tree, with branches and some evergreens to it. My kids were and are still not fond of it. So they got their own smaller tree, out in the garden , inside again …. this is their tree:


I started with tie-ing some branches upside down onto a pin in a trunk.  Added some Pinus branches in the top and some Chameacyparis “Conifeer” in Dutch at the bottom, lights went is plus glass balls. I think it is a nice tree,  just as I thought it would be like when I got this idea …

viltalakim, Christmastree

The tree is not the only thing I have decorated, I also made a new presentation in my windowsill..

viltalakim, vilt, felt, wool, tree, Christmas, kerstboom

and when I went outside to check I really was surprised by how it looked :)

viltalakim, kerst, vilt, felt, wool, wol,

and for my garage door: a huge wreath of 90 cm

and at the little table for the kids I added some nice baby-roses in different glass bottles and the kids really really love it :) “Oh Mummy that looks so cool!! Thank you .

viltalakim, kerstmis, trosroosjes

in my kitchen I have a side cupboard and  it have made this  setting there:

viltalakim, kerstmis, Christmas, angels, engeltjes

I really wish you are also ready with all the decorations for Christmas.  Tomorrow We ‘ll just have to focus on preparing the foods. I really wish you’ll have a relaxed Christmas time.

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Today I taught the students how to make an advents Wreath, talked about all the  symbolical things in it like the greens, candles and decorations, while we were all adding greens to our straw based wreath……

I even maneged to make a huge one for the employees room in our school. I worked a little longer to get it decorated, but the result is just what I had in mind. So happy about it . Now I  just hope my colleagues will not demolish it ;-)

viltalakim, adventskrans, bloemschikken

viltalakim, adventskrans, bloemschikken

The middle of this table has a hole and I have always thought a piece like this would look so much better

 I still need to make one for myself , ll do so with my kids this week or so …..

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