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I have not been blogging about this theme for a long time, not that no happy things happened to me, but I just didn’t have energy for noticing it. But it looks like I have many happy things to share:

Starting with last friday, I went by bike (30 minutes cycling) on my own to the beautyfull city Maastricht.  It Felt so right.. no kids, no husband just me and my plans  :) one of them was to visit a very old lady whom I used to work for when I was 14 yrs old. She and her husband used to have a pattisserie (bakery) I have always been visiting and helping them out ever since I left there for my study in another city. Two years ago I heard her husband was ill and I offered them to drive and go to the docter etc.  soon after that appointment he passed away and I visited her as much as possible. It was last november since I was at her place so I really wanted to visit her on friday.  But I’ll try and keep my happy stat short so here it goes:

viltalakim, theelichtjes wol, vilt, candlelightholders

fingers crossed this vase is waterproof ...

  • walking in a city like Maastricht early and all people ( mostly men)  said goodmorning to me?  This gave me such a special feeling , I think just what I needed :)
  • walking in streets I used to cycle through when I was a teenager… felt young and free again :)
  • a nice visit to the old lady
  • cycling
  • the performance of my oldest daughter at school, gosh she has grown up…. I can recal the first time she stood up on that stage there being a 4 yr old…

felt-  vilt a la kim- vilt- wol- theelicht houder

Saturday’s happy stats:

  •  I cycled back to Maastricht with my daughter to participate in a FLASHMOB: another great experience. Meg was a little shy, but she loved being with me and watching the others..
  • the warm shower I had at home because we were soaked…

vilt, viltalakim, felt, vase,

Now for today:

  • Dawn’s nice comment and reaction to my previous post made me smile :)
  • a phonecall I got from a shopholder I talked with Friday; she is clearing up her hat making stuff… Thursday I am the first one to have a look on what she has (hatblocks, hatmaterials, beads, fabrics, etc.. 
  • the broken branch of a cherry tree I spotted today on a pavement… I went back and cutted it smaller to add in my vase.  One part is inside now, the other still outside, leaving them there, till the first part has bloom.. … double luck I ‘d call that, hihihi


Hope you had a wonderfull weekend too and also many happy stats!!

I’ll post pictures of these branches with flowers, but It will probably take a while before they bloom. Thanks for reading .

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