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On Sunday 20th of Jan it was finally The day!!  The day the whole village knew whom the new yought prince, prinsess and adjudant are for this years carnaval season. We already knew since dec 17th and it was very diffycult to not tell anyone. a week before we met the other parents of the prince and adjudant. Ohh boy were we excited that Sunday. Here that special moment of reveiling whom the new kids were. 

carnaval, haverzekskes, bung

haverzekskes, Bung, Bunde, carnaval, jeugdprinsenpaar   

carnaval, haverzekskes, bung, Bunde,

Adjudant Stan, Princess Meg and Prince Bas the third

carnaval, Haverzekskes, havermennekes, bunde

with the adult prince and princess

carnaval, haverzekskes

after getting all their decorations :

the prince his special hat and scepter

the princes her small crown and flowers to wear at her wrist

the adjudant his hat and wooden stick 

it was time to get the parents on stage and honour them with a medal and red shawl.

haverzekskes, bunde, bung

A sisters chat: "why didn't you tell me something before??? " 

Beppie Kraft , haverzekskes

a picture taken after a song with a famous local singer: Beppie Kraft 

raad van elf, haverzekskes, bunde

and a group picture with all the parents and children whom are in the guard of eleven. Wishing you all a very festiv an happy time upcoming weeks!! ALAAF!!

The website of this carnaval organisation with more pictures can be found here: www.haverzekskes.nl  

or at a digital local newsite: http://www.marsnamagazine.nl/fotoboek/776

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As promised I show you the wand when it is finished..  In my previouspost you can see how to make a wand like this too.

I added some embroidery, beads and bells to it and my daughter just loves it.

viltalakim, felted, wetfelt, vilt, vilten, wol, kralen, staf

staf, wand, wetfelted, felt, vilt, viltalakim, wool, wol,


wetfelt, felted, vilt, vilten, viltalakim, embroidery,



Two happy daughters…. one in her costume of the local yought carnaval guard the other in her ice/ princess dress


Hehe I finally managed to start felting again…I really missed doing so, silly me no? But life (read teachers job and family)  just catches up sometimes. That’s ok. but let’s hope not every week (the job part)

Anyway as I am planning to give a workshop in the FABLAB  Zuid limburg in Maastricht on Tuesday evening  February 14th,   I wanted to make another funny hat shape so I started making a resist, layering wool over it at both sides and decorating it in the Carnival colors…. 

But my time run out again so this is how it looks today on my table.

viltalakim, wool, fibers, vilt, felt,

 Let’s hope I can continue working on this one in the evening. would love to see if I calculated everything right.. as I am doubting a little about its finished height….. fingers crossed.

viltalakim, vilt, felt, filz, wol, wool, wolle, felting, vilten

In this case I love knowing there will be a piece waiting for me to be finished,  as only the wetfelting  part is left to do. playing with water and soap :)

oh and I have added some more feltingworkshops to my planning:  you can find them here

Enjoy your Monday!!

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Carnaval 2011 Monday

Okay today was day 2 of the carnaval celebrations. On monday there is always a parade here in our village. Themes from the parade are mostly local things and nice to see as we recognise participants and the kids see their friends from school.  An impression :

my sister + husband and kids

Tomorrow day 3 , but we descided we have had enoug carnaval…  We will be going to the beach tomorrow with our friends a two hours drive towards…..   funny moment while my kids were watching the weatherforcast: “ oh mummy it will be sunny, dry and 12 degrees C. tomorrow!!     Good weather, but a pity as I guess it is  too cold to swim in the North sea right????? “  ……

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Carnaval 2011 Sunday

Today we have carnaval here in the southern parts of the Netherlands, which will last for 3 days…  Can you imagine: 3 days of dressing up, grimage, fun, laughter, drinks and music on the streets ?  Well I grew up with it…. and I must admit I once skipped everything, left for a spring holiday.. but afterwards missed something in my year cyclus….  So today I went with my mother and my 2 daughters, mr hubby stayed home :(  to Maastricht, the place to be (hihihi)

We were invited to walk along with a person whom wanted to drive in the parade with his oldtimer : a hotchkin from the early 1920′s…  theme was magical Maastricht. So at 13.00h we were at start place of the parade,  until suddenly the car didn’t want to start… , we were not allowed to join the parade with a car which couldn’t drive… 

so we pushed the car out of the que and tried to get the motor running again by pushing…  but no luck… 

 My father was able to change something and the moter was on again… with a lot of  strange noises and puffs and pangs, but it was able to drive!! Yes. so back to the  parade que…  a little further than the startpoint there was a bridge we needed to go over… the driver took a large runway and we were very happy to end up on the bridge, without pushing :)   but then the moter stopped again and we were all pushing again in the sunshine .We had much fun though :)  

Dancing, talking to strangers, ,making pitures, being photographed, etc..  I think 2 hours later we arrived at out final destination. We made grouppicture and off we were  into the crowd..

 The kids were tired so I phoned my husband to pick us up and I think this was the first carnaval ever I was home sooo early …  17.15u I think due to my mother whom’s feeth hurt …. but never the less I had a fabulous time with my kids :)

 Tomorrow day 2….  :) Oh and more pictures about cranavel made by me can be found here:

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