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Today I felt like sharing how to make a floral cake- like arrangement. My students really enjoyed themselves while making it yesterday, And I was anxcious to make one myself too. 

Here is the material list you need: 

  • leaves which can dry in nicely. Like Eucalypthus, Buxus, Gaultheria shallon
  • Gypsophila or other small flowers
  • a Rose or CHrysanthemum, Germini, Ranunculus
  • piece of floral foam in a round shape (you can also cut it out of a block) mine was about 8 cm weide
  • piece of plastic
  • rubberband
  • needles, 
  • scissor
  • knife
  • ribbons
  • beads

viltalakim, bloementaarjte maken

First you get the floral foam wet, so the flowers will last longer. Then take a piece of plastic and cover the bottom and sides. By using rubberband/ elastic it will stay around the foam. 

viltalakim, taartjes, cake 

Cut off the plastic  which comes above the foam. It is not nice to see that.


Then rip off the leaves form the stem. Eucalylthus can be easily ripped off when you move your hand upwards. when you have leaves with stems then prepare the leaves by cutting off the stems.

Add a leaf heigher as the edge and fasten it with a needle. The next one will be overlapping. Finish the row, make sure you use the same seized leaves and the top is evenly heigh. 


Then  add row 2


row 3,

row 4

viltalakim, taartje

row 5 and 6 till you are done....

now time to cover the foam from the top. I used Gypsophilla as it will dry in too. Make sure you use enoug as when flowers dry they will shrink and it is not good when you can see the foam then. I cut them very short  so it hides the foam easily. 

viltalakim, gipskruid viltalakim, gipskruid , taartje

In the middle I added a Rose, you can also use other flowers , it is up to you. 

roos, viltalakim, taartje

now the decoration part: I added ribbons and as I was alone and the knot kept slipping I fastened it with a needle too. Added a bead to it and small beads in the Gypsophila and around the bottom row. 

viltalakim, bloementaartje

Hope you will enjoy making it yourself ! 

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