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the result

So  here they are totally finished but still wet :)

viltalakim, vilt, felt, wool, bottle, fles, vase,

and today I made 3 red ones,  while my sister with her 3 boys came over to felt too.

  • The youngest boy (2,5 yrs) made a small round flat piece with the help of my oldest daughter,
  • the other one (5 yrs)  a bigger flat piece with the help of my youngest daughter 
  • and the oldest  (7yrs) a  blue Christmas tree  with yellow and black Christmas balls :)

No pics unfortunately , but we sure had fun!!

viltalakim, felt, wool, wol, vilt, fles, vaas

again W.I.P, but I am trying to finish them before going to bed :)

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Work in Progress…

viltalakim, vilt, felt, wool, bottle, glass,

they are  nearly finished… Then on with some grey ones

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vilt, viltalakim, felt, wol, bottle, fles


vilt, viltalakim, flessen, felt

raw felted bottles


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