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Yes I am going international with my felting workshops...  Germany, India, Sweden,, Belgium, Sounds good no? I hope to add more countries to it, as I like teaching and travelling too so a good combination. 

But to be honest, Belgium isn;t that far from my place... only 30 minutes drive. Today's destination was one town more far then where I held an exhibition in May. Only the trees looks different. Where back then in May the trees were fresh green, now they slowly turning yellow, red, brown and becoma empty before the winter is here...  Nervertheless, I am always feeling gratefull for the beautyfull area we live in and all the changes in nature per season. 

Kanne, Maastricht, Chateau Neercanne

At the place to be, were 8 children waiting for me to arrive. We had lots of fun while making 2 pieces of soap per person. Hopefully they wil once come to my place too, to do another workshop here. 

The results: 

viltalakim, , vilt, felt, soap, workshop

ps. the table had this great color...  but does now look little strange on the picture. 

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This thursday my youngest daughter will turn 8 and it is a tradition here in the NL. kids have a birthdayparty for some of their friends. I normally do it very low budget by going to the forrest, crafting or play games in the backyard. This year she wanted to go somewhere. So we descided to got to the barefeeth path in Zutendaal in Belgium about half an hour drive from our place.  So after the kids hide their presents in the garden, Janna searched them all and unwrapped them, thanked the givers, ate cake and had drinks. We drove off …. let the pictures tell you the rest of the story :)


finding the hidden presents


blote voetenpad, Zutendaal

from the highest level of the tower

blote voetenpad

some nice feet together

blote voetenpad

even this frog loved the mud pool we had to 'walk' through...

result after the walk through the mud pool , but they liked it so much they all went back for a second walk

blote voetenpad

after a walk in deep water an "airy"path

blote voetenpad

rinsing the feet at the end of the 2 km walk

We ate a nice ice cream and when we drove home it started to rain. How lucky we were during the walk…  but all the kids saw we had a swimming pool set up so they wanted to go into the (little ) pool even though it was raining. They loved it :)   Janna really enjoyed her day and I think the other kids did too.

When you are around in this area you really should pay this walkingtrack a visit too! more info can be found here: http://www.lieteberg.be/blotevoetenpad/blotevoetenpad.htm  unfortunately only in Dutch, but maybee you can use a translater …..

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So today I was asked to do a birthdayparty workshop with the theme easter flowerarrangement, with kids aged 10-11-12yrs.  As I am a floristy teacher that’s not a  hard job for me to do.  What was different from the felting workshops is that my materials are “living” and cannot be bought weeks in advance.  I normally display all the different colors wool I have and let the participants chose and get started… But with flowerarrangings it doensn’t really work that way. Loads to prepare, tools, materials, eggs, feathers, wire, floralfoam, etc

viltalakim, workshop, bloemschikken, kinderfeestje

Flowers tools, decoration

The weather was again awesome today so I was very happy we were able to work outside, no green mess in my studio:)

viltalakim workshop, birthdayparty

I also decorated my terrace for a festive atmosphere.

It was even so hot in the sun we had to take out a parasol.

viltalakim, workshop flowerarrngngs

The results so, far half way... kids having a break.

 I descided to make something which would look like a birdcage, The kids really loved the surprising effect which the simple beargrass had :)

viltalakim, workshops, flowers, bloemschikken, verjaardagsfeestje

proud kids with their own handmade flowerarrangement

viltalakim, workshops, floral

a closer look

And what is a nicer end of such a nice birthday workshop then wrapping up your own piece with cellofaan , just like in a real flowershop/ store?????

viltalakim, bloemschikken, verjaardagsfeestje

the final result.

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Viltalakim´s workshops

I love to teach, not only to the  students whom wants to become a florist employee, or flowershop owner at my school. I also love to teach all the techniques and tips I have in the wet felting.  Today was a day I had 2 workshops planned by accident as I normally avoid giving 2 workshops a day. . But I must admit I had  a great day.

Link to data and info about my felting workshops.

My first workshop started at 9.00h and the  two particpants wanted to learn how to felt a bookcover. So I showed them how to make a resist, how to place the layers, etc. I had many tips to share  and the results were very nice. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the finished books. I however was also able to felt along so I´ll show you mine :)

viltalakim, felt, vilt, bookcover, wol, wool, Filz, pink white, wit, rose

I will list this books in my etsy shop after the Queensday Art market in Sittard. (on saturday April 30th) In case I don´t sell it :)

The  next workshop was a felting birthdayparty I did on location. The place to be was a 40 minutes drive further away from mine, but I loved the drive to and from. It was straight thru the most beautyfull area of the south of the Netherlands:  ”the Mergellandroute “.  The girl chosed to make a felted keychain heart. The weather was sunny but suddenly it started raining, but we kept working outside…. didn’t even get wet, Look where we were working: Heavenly :)   There was even a small brook.


on location... their garden a perfect workplace today!!

felt, viltalakim, kim Nijsten. kids birtdhaypartyresult

results waiting for the last rinse in the brook

viltalakim, workshop viltworkshop, kinderfeestje, sleutelhanger

the results made by kids aged 7-8

mergelland scene

somewhere between Epen and Wittem (NL)

And you know what is the best of all??? My studio table is emptied for this morning workshop, so I’ll be felting this evening :) and preparing a flowerarrangement birthdayparty I have to give tomorrow. Will do that outside too I hope….

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