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I wrote this post before going to bed, with the hope I will see some sunshine today too  , just like last Sunday when I took this picture in my studio…. I think we all can do with some sunshine in this grey winter weather don’t you think??

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Since monday we have snow and oh boy do the kids love it!! When they came home from school it started with wet snow and when the day became shorter the snow got thicker. So after dinner time they rushed outside and started making all kind of things with the snow, in darkness :)


“Mummy it is Christmas now right?” Janna asked. “Oh is sinterklaas already gone then?” I aksed her (sinterklaas is the Dutch Santa but he celebrates his birthday at december 6th by giving every child toys) “Oh no, silly me:)” J.

 I cannot blame her from getting mixed up, hihihi  normally here in the Netherlands we rarely have snow that stays, mostly it is gone in one day and that happens mostly only in January so having snow at the end of November is very rare for us. So we try to enjoy it to the fullest, taking the kids to school by sledge and make sure we have many warm cloths to wear.

a snowbirdfeeder house made by Meg

birdfeederhouse of snow made by Cas

it works!! how many birds can you see?


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