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Funeral arrangements

As you already might know I am also a teacher in floristy. Sometimes people ask me if I can make funeral pieces too. Ofcourse I can. Last week a very special lady died, she was the mother of my husbands best freind. He and his family were  sort of surrogate/ foster parents for him after his mother died. She wanted me to make her funeral piece so I did. Feeling very gratefull and hounoured to be asked to do so.

Her special request was to use some branches of the monkey tree she has in her front garden... She loved Dainthus as they were in her bridal bouqeut, Asparagus too and Roses, They had many Zanthedechia's in the garden so they also had to be included. I used  much greens from their own garden, making it even more personal. 

On Tuesdayafternoon, one day before the funeral I started making the 4 pieces the family of them had ordered. Many pictures ahead here 

viltalakim, bloemwerk, grafwerk, flowers,

The base of the piece was an Oasis@ bar, which I left in thewater for one day, making sure it was completely filled with water. 

viltalakim, bloemwerk, grafwerk, flowers,monkeytree, apenboom

I added a green edge first so that was done. I thought of ways to secure the branches a tought job as every leave has a pointy end, like a needle. I secured it with wooden sticks and with very thick floristy wire 1,5 mm

The next step was to add the flowers in between and oh boy was I looking forward to that part (not!! hihihi) Anyway I said A so now B.  It was softly raining and it fell to me nature was weeping about her death too. my hands were cold and itchy but I got more and more "excited" about the result the longer I worked at it.

viltalakim, bloemwerk, grafwerk, flowers,monkeytree, Roses, Dianthus

viltalakim, bloemwerk, grafwerk, flowers,

viltalakim, bloemwerk, grafwerk, flowers,

viltalakim, bloemwerk, grafwerk, flowers,

And then as final touch 3 Zantehedeschia's. More would have taken away the effect of the lines from the monkey tree, 

viltalakim, bloemwerk, grafwerk, flowers,Calla, Zanthedeschia

And checking how the result wil be while laying flat on the ground. 

viltalakim, bloemwerk, grafwerk, flowers,

viltalakim, grafwerl, bloemwerk, flowers. BIedermeier

This piece was from the grandchildren, they were with 7 and 4 grand grand children. As symbolism for that they asked for 7 Red Roses in there. 

Another piece was made with the monkey tree branches and Peonies, which I added in the car with bananas to get them open on time . As it was warmer there as in my house. 

A very colorful one too as the lady was never a wallflower. 


And a small biedermeier from ourselves as our last offer. 

viltalakim, grafwerk, bloemwerk, flowers,

Delivered everything in the church on time. Looked perfect on the coffin.

 Rest in Peace Dear Mrs W. . 

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After having this high fever I went back to work, not completely feeling 100 % myself , but ok. When I came home last Monday I got a message 2 people called me  and asking me if I was able to make a funeral flower piece.  Two funerals in one week…  wow.. As I really love making flower arrangements I said yes.

viltalakim, roos, grafwerk

So Thursday I started with making all these flower arrangements and just when the first one was finished I got a call: The grandmother of my Husband died that morning.. She was 92 yrs old.  I was so touched and upset I couldn’t  continue working at the arrangements for one or 2 hours..  I also offered to make the funeral piece for grandma, but they didn’t want me to make it :( ……

Here are some picture of the pieces I made for the funerals for Friday and Saturday.

viltalakim, grafbalk, ondergrond, bloemschikken

The bases is also made by myself, used a saw, and a screwing machine….


grafwerk, kiststuk, flowers.

This piece was made to place on the coffin.

grafwerk, bloemstuk, begrafenisAnd this was a smaller one but in the same style

grafwerk, kiststuk, bloemwerkThe second piece

grafwerk, kiststuk, funeralpiecefinished

Two totally different flower arrangements… one with many colors and one in only one… I cannot say which one is my favourite… I like them both :)

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