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A workshop

Today I gave a feltingworkshop for a good freind and her freinds. She dreamed of making her own slipper and finally we were able to find a suitable day. Her friends made a bag. We started inside, drawing a resits and cutting them out, layering wool, little felting already before lunchtime. The weather was super and we had lunch outside.

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We descided to work outside as well. :  

viltalakim, felting, workshop, vilten, sloffen, slippers

after felting and felting the slippers and the bags were finished. 

viltalakim, workshop, viltworkshop

one bag needed a zipper , the other bag an innerbag and decoration (most probably buttons wil be added...)  and the slippers were  done , but could do with some leather for extra protection. They were all very happy with their results.

If you want to follow a workshop from me too, just contact me and we can set a date. 

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Just listed

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before dyeing

Yes the first of a special collection…  made by me  in the open air in Kozhikode (Calicut)  India and all these bags are made with soft 18 micron white wool and after wetfelting, tie-dyed by Vasudevan from www.tasaraindia.com to give it a stunning color which matches a colorfull outfit.

viltalakim, felt, vilt, bag. tas

Now available in my etsy shop.

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