Yes!! I am soo happy my last day before the vacation is here. I just got home, had dinner and thought this would be a perfect moment to update my blog. No I am not forgetting you,  my dear blogreaders... 2 weeks off  from now, Jippy!!

vergeet mij niet, forget me not, myosotis

 I am sad to tell due to visa application delay, Vasudevan cannot make it to my place before May7th...  But if he gets his SchengenVisa, we will immediately set up new dates. Now thinking of May 10th  10 mei, Monday eve May 13th, Tuesday eve May 14 th , Wednesday eve May 15th, Friday June 7th , Saturday 8th Sunday 9th plus some dates at the end of June and first week of Summervacation in July

So let me know what date you preferr and what  you would like to learn or do.

The next thing I'll be focussing on is the artfair in Sittard upcoming Tuesday April 30th, On our last Queensday. Got a great idea to make, not sure if I have enoug time to make a lot of them but let me see. 

viltalakim, vilt, felt, filz, wol, bloem, flower, blume

Enjoy the springtime it is really amazing this year as winter stayed so long!!!

Meanwhile I am also busy with the next exhibition Vasudevan and me will participate: An exhibition with felting workshops ... 

expostitie, exhibition, workshops, felting, vilten, Belgium

In Kanne, Belgium, from May 9th , May 11th and 12th. Would be nice to meet you there!!

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