Raw wool project 2

As promissed I will share my newest raw wool project. I felt quite inspired to give it a go too again after  "discovering" my wools again and giving a workshop with raw wools.

vachten, wol,

result of the workshop: 

viltworkshop, ruwe wol, viltalakim

So I started laying out 4 layers of carded Gotland wool, on top of that I added different kind of raw wools. Some I even forgot which breed of sheep it comes from... But I recognised the Racka wool, white and grey, Gotland curls grey, voskopschaap, and brown quessantwool (not completely sure). 

viltalakim, vilt, wol, felt, filz, wolle, wool  

As I wanted to have a clear divorced line in between the raw wol I added a color in between: red merino fleecewool.

viltalakim, wolvaria, vilten

Now that was the dry part... now I needed to wet it all with soapy water. I think I used at least 3 of these buckets completely filled . Luckily I have the table slightly lower in one corner, so all the water ends up in and even bigger tub and i can re-use the water again. 

water, zeep, vilten

From "airy" heigh to wet solid low..... 

viltalakim, wol,
vilten, bunde, ruwe wol,

When all the wool was completely wetted and little massaged, I rolled it up first in bubble wrap after that also in an old blanket. So while rolling the "roll" it could not slip away all the time, but being able to roll..   Lots of water came out ofcourse..... needed all my buckets I coul find .....  praying for help with rolling up the wool, as it became more and more heavy to roll it up into a nice bundle, but I managed!! And Janna all of a sudden came to help me :)

viltalakim, kim nijsten, wol, vilten

And as an extra handy tip for you:  I secured the blanket with ropes so while rolling it stayed as a nice bundle.... 

viltalakim, rollen, vilten, vilt, felt

after opening and re-rolling it  few times, Janna wanted to roll the felt with the "Knackebrod" roller I bought in Sweden some years ago

viltalakim, rolling, vilt, felt

After a long time, I descided it was enoug felted, rinsed the whole piece and wanted to add it into the spinner.... but the rug was too big :( So I took out as much water as possible and let it dry flat on my floor, which has floor heating... and still in use due to the very cold weather here :(

viltalakim, vilt, wol, workshops  

Here a detail while still wet, 

viltalakim, felt, wool, wol, vilt

And a picture nearly in total. I never worked with colored wool in combination with this pure natural wool, but somehow I think it is ok. What do you think?

viltalakim, raw wool, ruwe wol, vilten

Enjoy your weekend!

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5 Comments for Raw wool project 2

Tatiana | May 31, 2013 at 12:08 am

Beautiful work! And lovely reading too…Thank you very much!

Esther | May 31, 2013 at 4:56 pm

Kim, je vloerkleed/wandkleed is echt geweldig geworden! Ik vind het contrast tussen de grijstinten en het rood en tussen hoog en laag super mooi geworden. Gefeliciteerd!
Gebruik jij eigenlijk ook wel eens een schuurmachine om het vilten makkelijker te maken? Al dat handwerk is toch niet te doen?!
Groet, Esther

Terriea Kwong | May 31, 2013 at 5:03 pm

You’re talented and expertise doing such big project. Of course Janna is good helping hand. You made such yummy and beautiful rug. I always love your wool. Still some with me. I do not want to use all up at a time. I treasure it .

Author comment by Kim | June 1, 2013 at 12:04 am

Esther dank je wel voor je complimenten. Ik doe alles echter altijd met de hand, schuurmachine heb ik 1 keer geprobeerd, maar vond het niet fijn om mee te werken…. trilde zoveel ;-)

Author comment by Kim | June 1, 2013 at 12:15 am

thank you Terriea!! I have to tell you I have a lot of the raw wools ;-) my mother wants to throw all these “garbage bags” away everytime she comes here… “Shall i take them to the garbage park for you???

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