New slippers

Warm slippers are a must during winter time. You wil barely see me walking barefoot in the house then as we have aan old house the flloor is always cold. Great for summerdays but not during colder days. 

My felted slippers are about to fall apart. Even my kids like to wear them. This pair was made in summer 2011 while I was at the Tasara weaving centre I made them with white wool and afterwards they dyed them for me. A local shoe maker added some soles under it , just before I flew home.

viltalakim, slofen

The next pair I made was also in the same weaving centre but in 2012. And this time I added leather under it. That really helped a lot too, to keep the slippers in good condition. What i did learn form the leather part is that next tiem i better cut teh leather little bigger so my threads  will not touch the ground, becase of that  groung touching it now falls apart. I'll repair them again, so no worries they are stil perfect to use. 

viltalakim, sloffen

viltalakim, sloffen, vilt

But as I have plenty of ideas and materials I now wanted to make some thicker slippers. After clearing my table I felt finally free to make a pair for myself and guided a freind whom wanted to make slippers herself too. 

viltalakim, sloffen in wording, slippers

work in progress

viltalakim, sloffen, vilt, wol

ready but stil wet


the moring after...  I dreamt about makign shoes out of them so I can wear them the whole day also outside. ;-)

sloffen, viltalakim, kim Nijsten

I bet i'll add some more things to them, leather soles and maybee some embroidert too... these are going to last a loooong time . 

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3 Comments for New slippers

Heather Woollove | December 31, 2013 at 2:17 pm

They’re wonderful, Kim!!
Remember to check out the soles here:
Happy New Year!!!

Terriea | December 31, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Very pretty color and style. The strings you added are so nice. That must be so warm for the winter.

Author comment by Kim | December 31, 2013 at 4:44 pm

@Heather. I liked that page too, when you shared it, but i was thinking as the threads, to sew the soles to the felt, are also touching the floor it wil most probably end up disolving too… not sure if i like that.. so stil doubting to buy them or not…
@Terriea, Thank you!!

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