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For today this is my workspace:

viltalakim, felting, vilten, wool, wol, buiten, tuin

It feels so good to be working outside…  end the feeling gets even better when I hear this  at the radio:” the weather today will be grey , cloudy but in Limburg (my area)  sometimes sun… ” well to be honest I had sunshine all day :)

At my 2 terrace tables  ca 1 kg of carded Swedish Gotland wool… placed them in 2 layers.. raw wool will follow soon after I picked up the kids from school

viltalakim, kim nijsten, ruwe wol, rawwool, wol, lente

Feeling a super lucky girl.. ahum woman, hihihi

Fingers crossed I  will be able to  finish with placing the wools, before darkness.. the wetting part will be a task for tomorrow I think…  let’s hope I can finish this huge piece on my own..

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riet baird | March 17, 2012 at 9:05 am

wow kim, dat wordt een supergroot project, succes ermee:)

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