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Today I gave a feltingworkshop for a good freind and her freinds. She dreamed of making her own slipper and finally we were able to find a suitable day. Her friends made a bag. We started inside, drawing a resits and cutting them out, layering wool, little felting already before lunchtime. The weather was super and we had lunch outside.

lunch , outside, garden, terrace, viltalakim

We descided to work outside as well. :  

viltalakim, felting, workshop, vilten, sloffen, slippers

after felting and felting the slippers and the bags were finished. 

viltalakim, workshop, viltworkshop

one bag needed a zipper , the other bag an innerbag and decoration (most probably buttons wil be added...)  and the slippers were  done , but could do with some leather for extra protection. They were all very happy with their results.

If you want to follow a workshop from me too, just contact me and we can set a date. 

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Felting time ! yeah. I really love to teach the felting and yesterday was a nice day as 3 ladies came to learn how to felt a bag and afterwards shibori dye it. Luckily for me all of the ladies had several years of experience so i was able to learn them some more special additions on the bag. This workshop is suitable for beginners too, but  with the special additions it takes more time and we wil not get everything felted on time. 

First ofcourse starting with a self made resist, drawing and cutting. After that we started with felting a rope as handle, a button/ bead as closure. Then we took off with layering the white wool added the rope and closure bead too. 

In the end we added some glass stones, covered it again with wool and started felting. By that time it was lunch time so we all sat down for a nice fresh cooked soup and baked off bread.

 viltalakim, wokshop, vilten, felting, wol, wool, filzen, les

When they continued felting again I prepared the  first dye bath, which was going to be Yellow. Here the results of the white felted bags. 

viltalakim, felted, vilt, wol, wool, handmade, worskhop, white, wit

They became wrapped up like this: 


and into the dye...... left them there for some time, meanwhile we looked into my felting bookcollection. 

 verven, dyeing, viltalakim, wol, felt, vilt

And tadaa!! The result after the first dye bath

viltalakim, vilt, wol, felt, geverfd

and after the second bath : 


And after the third dyebath which was red they became like this: 

viltalakim, felting, vilten, worskhop, les, tas, shibori verven, handgemaakt

They were all very happy with their bags and I hope they wil send me a picture of their finished bags after they embroidied the glass beads.


Yes I am going international with my felting workshops...  Germany, India, Sweden,, Belgium, Sounds good no? I hope to add more countries to it, as I like teaching and travelling too so a good combination. 

But to be honest, Belgium isn;t that far from my place... only 30 minutes drive. Today's destination was one town more far then where I held an exhibition in May. Only the trees looks different. Where back then in May the trees were fresh green, now they slowly turning yellow, red, brown and becoma empty before the winter is here...  Nervertheless, I am always feeling gratefull for the beautyfull area we live in and all the changes in nature per season. 

Kanne, Maastricht, Chateau Neercanne

At the place to be, were 8 children waiting for me to arrive. We had lots of fun while making 2 pieces of soap per person. Hopefully they wil once come to my place too, to do another workshop here. 

The results: 

viltalakim, , vilt, felt, soap, workshop

ps. the table had this great color...  but does now look little strange on the picture. 

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Today I had an annual day of the dutch felting society. I left very early with P. Noordhoff , drove to germany and picked up my Colleque A, drove to Susteren and dropped off my cardingmachine at M. place. All before 8,15. Then we finally drove to Amersfoort, a 2 hours drive from my place. 

Not even 30 minutes from our last stop the heighway was closed and we had to follow the boards for the alternativ route, we saw villages we never were before and we arrived more north  at the same heighway. I expected we could drive on it again, but still that part was also closed. I followed the signs Eindhoven again and arrive at the first spot we had to leave the heighway, arghhh,   We drove a circle!!  :( :( Finally we arrived one hour too late, missed the meeting but were in time for the worskhops :)  

My first worskhop was called: "Knopen stansen en vilten". 

We pilled up prefelt , one at a time and after felting it thoroughly it was punched and i got 4 beads

viltalakim, knopen, stanse

The second  I participated was called : "deksels vilten" (felting with a lid)

I forgot to take pictures but there is a picture with all the things I "produced "

Next one was called "Zeeuwse Knoop"  given by Ellen Bergman. Therefor we used some kind of sponge with holes and we added prefelt and wool on it. nice results!! 

Then we moved over to the table to learn about how to make a scouts braird. The lady whom taught us , Titia Rithagen, told me that it was only possible for 4 times, "the folding". but I felt triggered and thought about it, and so I made a longer one. She was happy it also worked. 

Then we went to try  felting a Keltic knot , Which was also fun to do,,, amazing  how a long felted cord  of 1.5 m can become so short after knotting it. 

Last thing i did was making a button from felt.  We all got the first one for free the next ones were €0,75  each, Very special ones,for a special project.

viltalakim, landelijke dag, viltkontaktdag

In the left corner all the things I made , Very pleased with it :)  


the other side of the table ,  not all people added their results there.

While driving back to our place we discussed about the scoutsbraird and we (A and me)  descided it should be possible to make it longer....

viltalakim , braird

Top one was a short one and bottom one is one part how I made it there and second part is made in the car...  not by me, I was driving ;-) but by A. 

It was a very nice meeting and i feel loaded with new plans and ideas 

After writing this post I made 2 longer brairds and 2 more "ballflowers" by making holes in a sponge :)

viltalakim, vlecht, vilt, wol

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Wow how time flies, doesn't it? I just saw my last post is from months ago. The reasons for that is that I had a very good freind from India  was staying here adn itw as a busy time lots of things to organise. Now, during the vacation time a good moment to look back at what  I did.  

In the beginning of May we had a groupexhibition in Kanne, Belgium. The opening evening was very promissing.

expositie Kanna

The 3 days after this evening I was going to offer small felting workshops there to all whom wanted to felt... we had heigh expectations.... 

viltalakim workshop, vilten

But as it was springvacation, I guess many children were out on vacation to warmer places :( So not that many workshops to do

After that Vasudevan left to Uk to give workshops there and a lexcture in Estonia and for me started teaching again, a very busy time as examns and end of year presentations were held.

 I gave a workshop Canlde light votivs,

viltalakim, vilt, wol, theelichtjes, kaarsjes

Made a new kind of shawl, using Indian Saree left over fabrics, 

viltalakim, shawl, stola,

a workshop rug making


made a rug myself too :)

viltalakim, raw wool, wool, vilt

viltalakim, ruwe wol, wool, wol, vilt

and  my good freind Heather came to visit me for in the weekend June 1th and 2nd. We finally met after mailing for so many years now. I showed her Maastricht and Den Bosch, organised a meeting here with 2 other ladies she knew and are also freinds of mine: Mitsy and Mariana plus their kids it was a great weekend. 

On sunday when she left, the weather was excellent for an outside (late) breakfast.

The weekend after that Vasudevan came back and on Sunday 9th we drove all the way to  Blankenham and Vledder (places 3 hours drive from my place) to pick up 3 looms I bought after first seeing them. I'll make a seperate post for the looms. 

Ok that'is it for so far. In the next post more about the textile workhsops we gave..... to be continued

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