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a Surprise!

This Sunday evening when I was checking Facebook I saw a picture which I recognised: It was a picture from “my” city Maastricht! Nancy van der Boom uploaded that one writing to it she has a week off and was going to visit Maastricht. So I immediately asked if we could meet in real. I think last time we met was in Amsterdam 3 or 4 years ago and through the etsy forum thread we already had a lot of chats. Last year we weren’t able to meet and this year…. also not due to my work times :(  Nevertheless Nancy said I want to bring you something… what shall we do?  we brainstormed about where she could leave something and I could pick it up. And so she did, uploaded a picture to Fb after she left it :)


So yesterday (Tuesday) I was so into felting before I had to go to school Ididn’t had time anymore to pick it up so this morning… it was the moment. I drove to Maastricht

Maastricht And when I reached the place the man handed me over the gift. I was ofcourse very anxious to see what would be inside, but I maneged to keep it closed till I reached my work. Not sooo diffycult as I saw again parts of Maastricht I haven’t been for a long time, gets me back in my childhood and teenagertime

 Leaving the place

Kruisherengang, Maastricht

The church where I got my second H. Communion at an age of 12

Hoge Fronten and I bought some bread at a famous Maastricht hidden bakery, driving me along this street: where we were used to be “droppped “off and continue walking to school.

And then I opened my gift…..

Nancy van den Boom

and thought: ” Oh my goodness Nancy you really spoiled me! “

Look at it

Nancy van den Boom, viltalakim, kadootje, gift

A awesome necklace, with 2 selfpainted miniature trees …  on one side a spring tree and onthe other  side a winter tree

nancy van den Boom, painting, viltalakim 

 I was/ am speechless.

Nancy dear, Thank you very very much!!

 Please check her site out she really paints beautyfull trees: or pay her shop a visit:




I wrote this post before going to bed, with the hope I will see some sunshine today too  , just like last Sunday when I took this picture in my studio…. I think we all can do with some sunshine in this grey winter weather don’t you think??

viltalakim. felt, borduur, vogel, bird

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Wordless wednesday

A gift from the 14 felting ladies :)


autumn, viltalakim

Autumn — overlooked my Knitting –
Dyes — said He — have I –
Could disparage a Flamingo –
Show Me them — said I –

Cochineal — I chose — for deeming
It resemble Thee –
And the little Border — Dusker –
For resembling Me –

herfst autumn, viltalakim

Autumn — overlooked my Knitting — by Emily Dickinson

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vilt, viltalakim, felt, wol, bottle, fles


vilt, viltalakim, flessen, felt

raw felted bottles


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