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Some of my happy moments of last week:

  • the unbelievable warm and sunny days for November!!
viltalakim, my shop. etsy. vilt, felt, tree, kerstboom

my newest listing!!

  • a visit from friend J. whom I told and showed all about India, was good to remember that time again :)
  • theUfo’s I finished
viltalakim, vilt,

the piece of Felt made by my daughter for her friend.

  • the nice chats I had with my children when they were at home Friday
  • the fairs I visited yesterday and the networking in the new shop.

viltalakim, my supplies are hidden behind

  • the result on my studio after tiding felt really good…  , but I also found loads of  new UFO’s :(

viltalakim, vilt, wol, voorraad, knutselen

Hope you also have some good moments too :)

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Happy stats, not per day  but as an overview.

* the pumpkin arrangements I made with 2 groups of students turned out super!

* the Indian food I cooked tasted wonderful, even my kids wanted to have more :)

* found time and energy to tidy all my felts back into the house  after displaying them outside.

* got many compliments of the funeral piece I made the week before.

viltalalkim, bloemwerk, grafstuk

* Two weeks ago I started to make some new bandami felted wrap skirts… wanting them to be finished by the time I had my Open House exhibition. I cut the saree´s I bought in India and started to lay the wool out…. wetted the wool, rolled it up and decided to lay out a second one  … I got never finished before the open house  and I really needed to get it finished as the wool inside was already wet… fearing it would start to rotten away.

vilt, felt, viltalakim, wool,

So finally yesterday I wetted the last part and started rolling it. Now one is finished and the other one just needs some more rolling and it will be ready too!! This one is the first one I laid out, it is too short for an adult, but for kids it will be perfect.  Soo happy to have it finished!!

vilt, felt, viltalalkim, skirt, wikkelrok

vilt, viltalakim, felt, wrapskirt, wikkelrok

The fabric side

vilt, viltalalkim, felt, wool, skirt

the wool side.

* the party we went to yesterday at our neigbours  place… came back very very late (or early) wonderful to see we have such nice contacts with our street members


* for today I am happy I can relax and take it easy…. hihihihi

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Sunday is a good day to revieuw my last week and share my happy moments with you.

Monday was a not usual workday for me… Instead of having to teach I was standing at a flower event in Alden Biesen in Belgium. This event opened for public from Friday till Monday and attracts thousands of people. Our students decorated a part of the castle´s attic and I was there to promote our school. It was great. I had very nice talks with all kind of people. Like the  2 English Florist  teachers whom travelled 14 !! hours  on way just to get there.

Tuesday I had a super good class with my students, and felt very satisfied. at home I baked a  `kweepeer`tarte tartin for my colleagues, dyed my white dress red and enjoyed the sunshine.

Wednesday always a long teaching day, but a close colleague was going to be 50 and we planned and made some nice decoration for his office… having much Pre- fun already :)

viltalakim, vilt,felt, acorn

Thursday finally some time to dye the dress in blue so I’ll get purple and  redecorate my windowsill with the felt united piece and after that it was felting time , jippie!

viltalakim, vilt, felt, spiderweb

Friday my daughter was sick but she wanted to help me every now, we had a nice chat :) very sunny weather and my dress was drying very well, so anxious to see the result, oh and I made a new felting tutorial 

viltalakim, felting, DIY

Saturday a day for me and the girls, mr husband was gone all day so we enjoyed the time with the 3 of us, went shopping, kids made cookies and I was even able to felt a new lampshade for my exhibition next Sunday

viltalakim, felt, vilt, purple, shibori

Today again a sunny day and I started with running with 2 other ladies at 7.30 in the morning!!  we run into the Forrest and it was nice to do.  After a shower and breakfast I started to prepare 2 new wrap skirts. Let’s hope they come out the way I planned them to be. I was finally able to open up my dress and it was fitting me!! after having a little photo shoot I found so many flowers still in bloom I had to walk through the garden and pictured them all :)

viltalakim, tuin,

I can look back on a super nice week.  Hope you can too!!

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I didn’t dare to call this post weekly happy stats as It is such a  long time ago I blogged them… Let´s hope I can find the time to write them every week. I think it is a good thing to realise how lucky men is every day over and over again. It doesn´t have to be in huge material things, it can also be in the small things. Like I had today when I saw a  great tit (=koolmees in Dutch)  it came to my terrace searching for some crushed hazelnuts…

  • it was my first week I had to teach “VMBO and MBO”  (= high school and profession school?  ) students whom chose to become a florist and I was happy the students are nice and the classes went well.
  • I learned a class of children that it is not dangerous to eat a fresh harvested pear or apple…  after one asked me “teacher why is that pear hanging in that tree outside? “……
  • I am  booked to give a felting workshop for 20-25 people
  • got a mail messaging I’ll be featured at the Dawanda Blog next week
  • I made a sweet little ringbasket for a wedding, made me very happy when I was making this as I knew it would be making others happy

viltalakim, bloemschikken, flowers , arrangement

  • the outcome of a test of my daughter, a worry less
  • the happy face of my daughter when she was able to wear the felted wrap skirt to school
  • seeing many thick  and sweet grapes in my garden
  • the bouquet of flowers I was able to pick
  • re-decorating our living room with cosy items as Autumn is here..
  • the dress I bought from Thongbaitatong arrived now I can match it with her bag
  • and last but not least the arrival of the wool I ordered, will make DIY craft kits with this…

viltalakim, wol, wool, fleece, colorfull

Enjoy your weekend!!

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It is summertime and although the weather is more like autumn, I happen to have many happy moments last week.

Best of all my youngest daughter turned 8 on thursday July 14th, unbelievable she is 8 already.. how fast time flies. I recall her birthday like it was yesterday. A super hot day it was, temperatures of 28 C, but inside the house it was nice, and the labour went fine too. 

We had her birthday party 2 days before her birthday and how lucky we were by doing so!! Tuesday we had great warm weather, which the kids of course loved while walking the bare feet path and as they could go for a `dive `in our little swimming pool although it started raining :)

Yesterday (Friday) we went to a wildpark in Gangelt, Germany, walked in the Forrest and the kids gave the deers and goats and all the other animals some special food, which they really loved. Afterwards I was able to buy a secondhand notebook to take along to my trip to India and wile driving back home we came across a wonderful field filled with sunflowers, cornflowers and poppies…. as far as the eye could see… so beautiful and rare here in our area. We stopped and we walked a long way into that flied as many sunflowers were already picked. Kids started to play hide and seek and I really love standing in between a flied of flowers. Reminded me of my childhood when we also played in the fields surrounding our house….

We all picked a bunch of flowers to take along  they looked like this the morning after we picked them:

flowers, viltalakim 

and meanwhile I also managed to make some felt:

viltalakim. felt, vilt, wool, wikkelrok and two  small scarfs of which one is  fitting to this skirt :
viltalakim, scarf, vilt,

hope you can find  many happy moments too this summertime!


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