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While being in North Beypore among wonderful people from South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Belgium,  the Netherlands and of course the people from North Beypore itself. I not only gave feltingworkshops but I also particpated in the other workshops.

 First day we started with making a felted bag, with me as the teacher. The bag I started with was finished by Meg…. and Janna also wanted to have one too,  so I made her one as well.. non for me, but that is ok

felting a bag, viltalakim, Tasara weavigncentreAfter felting we tie-dyed the bags, but as Meg used already colored wool she only wanted her handles to be dyed. Janna’s bag was tied and dyed and at first she didn’t really liked the outcome, but after drying they both even embroidered on it in a wonderful area called Wanayard district, the tea garden of the Vasudevan and his family. And now she is very proud and happy with it.

viltalakim, India, Wayanad the top row is Janna’s bag the bottom Meg’s

viltalakim. bags

And as Meg’s bag was my how- to do- it bag she has an extra pocket inside

viltalakim, bag, tas, vilt, felt The second day Mignong Hattingh was the teacher and she showed us all how to make a nuno felted scarf on an old saree from Shanta. What was new for me was that she used netting in combination with plastic bags to rub over it. I normally only roll my nunofelting. It was fun to do it different as used :)

viltalakim. vilt, India

 This was the result:

viltalakim, tasara weavingcentre, felt

OK enough for today… will be continued with blockprinting


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Vacation time

On the last day my kids are enjoying their summervacation I will start writing again at my blog. sorry for being absent for such a long time, but  I had a stunning summertime.  On June 29th we left our house to go to India, the state Kerala and place Calicut/ Kozhikode. Planned to stay there for 5 weeks and particpate and teach in a textile event.

Inida travel, vacation

It was  for my family  the first time we were flying so long and far. So all of us were pretty excited

 Janna looks very happy she just got her food Meg was also happy :)


After flying for 6 hours we landed in Dubai. An amazing airport. (not that I have seen many but still)

Dubai Airport

detailContinued in another flight, trying to sleep as our night would be a short one. 3,5 hours difference between Netherlands and India.

 so flying for another 3 hours to Calicut we finally saw the coast!!

India, coast, Kerala

and now after adding all the suitcases on the roof we were ready to take off to the Tasara weaving centre in North Beyore a 40 minute drive.


Was good to be back there again :)  tomorrow more….


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cyclaam, kadootjes

This autumn holiday is really a catching up with old friends :) Yesterday Colien and her husband came to visit me as she was staying for a few nights here in thesouth of Limburg. We studied together at the Stoas in ‘s Hertogenbosch. Asit was raining we first felted a small keychain and after that when i was nearly dry outside we went off for a walk in this area…  I am always aware of the fact that what I am used to in our area, is special  for others  which makes it more valuable for me too..  So after thewalk we had some tea / coffee and cake and I got this very special Thank you card from Colien. She makes it by herself and I bet many many hours went into making it.


The Cyclaam plant is a gift I got from Monique, whom came to visit me today. We found each other trough Facebook after not seeing each other like 26 years or so…  So funny. We used to live  next to each other and we played alot in the fields     our houses and gardens. So lots to catch up.

As for my felting business I just had a great offer, to show my stuff in a  new to open shop in Heerlen…  Jippie!! The shop will open at Saturday November 5th , but I’ll keep you updated. would be nice to see you there .

The last completed piece of felt was a hat: What do you think?

viltalakim, felt, vilt, hoed, hat,

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Cycling to Maastricht

Today I planned to cycle to Maastricht with my youngest daughter. During the autumn break the city of Maastricht organised a cultural program for kids. So I ordered 2 tickets for a play about the ` master of the black mill` (a book written by Otfried Preussler)  and reservated a place for my daughter in the `white magic` workshop afterwards.

So when it was time to J, didn’t want to cycle…  “Mummy why cannot we take the car? I didn’t ask you to go to this play…  I don;t want to go”…..  hmmm the tickets were bought, and I really didn’t want to use the car. Sometimes it is tough to be a mother….  But in the end she came along :) and we went off….. half way we decided to stop for a drink 

sluis Borgharen

continued, cycling next to eachother and talking all the time… 

bicycle parking space

 we parked out bicycle in an underground parking space for cycles… The row above us has an ingenious system to get the bikes up there… unfortunately I forgot to picture it…  maybe next time, ok?

vrijthof , Maastricht,

then we went for new shoes and tried at several places, until it was time to go to the theatre

Maastricht theatre,

a nice setting about the play

we saw the play which was superb. I am always amazed by how people can make decors with minimalistic things, but multiple uses…. J. went to the workshop and I sat down, and talked with another mother, even networked for my shop :)

Then she came back with a magical bag with a special self decorated protection stone…

We went off to buy the shoes she liked most and cycled back home , took the tourist roads :)

in the early days this used to be the only road.......

kasteel vaeshartelt

Kasteel Vaeshartelt nowadays a hotel

kasteel vaeshartelt

And at home mr husband and my oldest daughter made a “Schwarzwalder Kirch”  kind of cake… jummy!!


Now that we are home she said: “thank you mummy, I really had a good time with you and I love my new shoes, I just didn’t like the cycling part….. ”

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I didn’t only give felting workshops in India, I also gave a flowerarrangement demonstration and a short workshop for all those whom were coming.  So I went shopping on Wednesday August 3rd and Friday 5th  to buy and see what flowerswere available there..  Pots, floral mass,  special things, and still thinking what to make and show? 

viltalakim, Flowershop, Calicut, India

buying flowers

But I had a great idea , talked about it with Vasudevan and it was possible……So on Saturday August 6th it was time:  woke up early and at 10 the particpants; arrived and everything was ready for the demonstration.  I Introduced myself and  started talking about how to treat flowers and what do’s and don’ts.

flowerdemonstration, India, viltalakim

starting with my first arrangement


viltalakim, flowerdemonstration, India

a modern parallel style


viltalakim, bamboe

bamboe reprepared for the particpants


 These bamboes were going to be the basis of the vase arrangement I was going to  make with the participants. Such an amazing range of exotic materials to work with  for a Dutch person… of course the Indian participants liked the imported bought flowers more, like Roses, Carnations, Gerbera, Gladiolus, Solidago, Cyperus evergreen.  Solidago is in my own garden growing like weed….. so I didn’t really felt like using it, but it was fun to do. 

viltalakim, tasara weaving centre, flowerworkshop

the hall of the Tasara gallery and guesthouse was perfect for this photo shoot.


viltalakim, flowerworkshop

all makers together


After giving this workshop I learned a few things… 

  • try working with materials which are special for the local people
  • make your own style
  • calculate a few days to find special things; on Monday afterwards we came across an coconut oil company and they had loads of coconut shells…. think of how many ideas came to my mind …. oef.
  • don’t worry to improvise, That’s part of a demonstration.
  • I gave the participants an option for what I should show/ demonstrate for one floral piece.
  • I ended the demo part with making a hand bounded bouquet with all the flowers which the participants were going to use… just to show and I think it was the best thing to finish with :)

Next time I’ll be trying to find and work more with local natural materials. I think there are so many possibilities…..

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