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A new blog about Meg

 Dear Viltalakim readers, I realised I haven't been checking this blog since a very long time. I just want to let you know I started a new blog back in January 2015 about Meg's rehabilitation. link can be found in the bottom.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New blog

I descided to start a new blog about how my life came to a point that I felt it had to turn around. I never knew a car accident with my daughter Meg was going to be that important point in my life, but I now realise it was that moment. Now the time is right to start blogging about my life eversince June 6th 2014 and  about how my daily life is now. I cannot predict how often and much I wil be writing a post here, but I just feel it as a right moment to start doing so.
I hope it wil give you some insight of what we are going through.   

I do hope to be able to get creativ again soon... whom knows. wil try to keep things seperate. 

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Animals part 2

My next animal was also fun to make, at first it took some time as I was convinced I stil had some grey gotlandwool somewhere.....  I looked for it everywhere, but nope no grey gotlandwool to find. I did found however lighter brown gotland and white. 

Started to make a frame with pipe cleaners first, covered with brown wool first and then added white (as i wanted grey)

vilt, felt, wool, wol, Filz, Wolle, animal, dier, viltalakim, natvilten, wetfelting,   

I did however found some grey wool, it was a very longstapled wool... not my first choice to use if i was a beginner but as I am not a beginner it was fine ;)  

vilt, felt, wool, wol, Filz, Wolle, animal, dier, viltalakim, natvilten, wetfelting, olifant, elephant

What is an elephant without ears???  So ears he got:

vilt, felt, wool, wol, Filz, Wolle, animal, dier, viltalakim, natvilten, wetfelting,

It really came to live, don't you think? 

 vilt, felt, wool, wol, Filz, Wolle, animal, dier, viltalakim, natvilten, wetfelting, olifant, elephant

Also the belly part needed to be felted 

vilt, felt, wool, wol, Filz, Wolle, animal, dier, viltalakim, natvilten, wetfelting, olifant

"ohh please don't tickle me!!" 

And it was done, rinsed all the soap out and added it in the spinner. I am quite happy with this little elephant. Doubting if i should add eyes to it. What do you think??? 

vilt, felt, wool, wol, Filz, Wolle, animal, dier, viltalakim, natvilten, wetfelting, olifant. elephant

My ant is nearly bigger as the elephant..... 

vilt, felt, wool, wol, Filz, Wolle, animal, dier, viltalakim, natvilten, wetfelting, insect, ant, mier  

and my fish is enroumous, maybee I make a smaller one 

vilt, felt, wool, wol, Filz, Wolle, animal, dier, viltalakim, natvilten, wetfelting, goudvis, fish  

The whole animal zoo so far. What animal to make next? 

vilt, felt, wool, wol, Filz, Wolle, animal, dier, viltalakim, natvilten, wetfelting, olifant, mier, vis

Enjoy your day!!


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The winter is now officinally over even though this year we didn't really had much of a winter I think we had barely 3 nights with frost. Even my perannials of last summer survived outside and started to bloom in February!!  Amazing nature. 

Hydrangea, hortensia

Peaony, Pioenroos

garden, tuin 

Childrens part of the garden " way" back from the house on the hill

I has been very quiet here lately, and I must admit it is due to all kind of factors in my life. All my creativity is gone, but slowly coming back. 

I can enjoy my garden again, sow flowers for ecoprinting get as many for as low costs. 

zaaien, plantjes

Tagetes and  Anthirrrinum majus, (for the kids) 

2 weeks ago I had a special evening : a group of people  whom want to make something floral everytime, no one is teacher, just to think of something else in the floral field and keep updated. 

The theme was floral light and i wil show you a small detail of it. 

viltalakim, floral , weaving,

Enjoy your day and I hope to post more regular from now on again. 

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a fairytaleweekend part 2

On Saturday we had planned to go to my most favourite shop of Sweden: Indiska, They import all kind of special made items from India for Swedish people. When i was at the counter I saw this "thing" hanging behind the seller.. and I really felt like I wanted to own that thing for in my own kitchen...  But what was its price and would it fit into my suitcase??? So I asked for the price. It was exactly the amount of money I got from my family and friends for my birthday!!  But then second doubt, would it fit???? I found it hard to tell, but descided to find a way. maybee ship it if no other possibility... 

So paid for it and they packed it..... looked like this:  

Back to  Esther's house: 



There I found out the item  I bought was way too huge for my suitcase :(  A pity, but then I had another reason to drive to Sweden with the whole family as soon as posible.. Probably nexty vacation or so. After a really nice dinner we started felting as I always felt things to sell, I now wanted to make something for myself, as a souvenir, so to say. Plus I forgot  tp pack my gloves so one and one makes two and I felted myself a pair of gloves. Same colors as my slippers and hat

  gloves, felted, vilt, viltalakim  

When we stopped it was after midnight already, time flies while having a good time. 

On Sunday morning we overslept, duh ;-)  So skipped our snow walk but were stil on time to buy new gotland wool.  Had to drive for few minutes to get there. There is the sign to her place: Hanninge


And her house, Isn't it a beauty?   


We went into the barn where the carding machine was. They take it apart 3 times a year if i stil remember it correct, to get it oiled again, 

As I really love to felt with this wool I bought 3kg light brown and one kg of white. So soft and felts super! Plus I know where it is coming from. Here on the next picture the lady and me  plus one kg of wool. "Tack!" for the bottle of soap she also gave me. I will be surely come back. 


Back at Esther's place I started packing the wool in special bags. Wool is not heavy, but can be very volumnious. Before: 

gotland wool,

And after closing the bag and vaccuum the air out of it, it looked like this: 


   Now it fitted in my suitcase! :)  Off to the trainstation as not time to lose, it stil was snowing and snowdunes were on the road. We made it safely and while we waited fro the train we cheered ourselves up by taking this picture in front of that advertisement  guy. Saying goodbbye is never fun... but as my parcel is stil in at her place I do have one more good reason to go back there soon  again.

A last picture in Sweden, I took when the train was standing stil ( for 30 minutes!!!) While they were removing the ice and snow from the track. Made me nervous... had to catch a plane in Copenhagen. 

But I made it, even had time to eat before I had to board. 

One hour later I landed in Dusseldorf, Where my husband and kids were waiting for me. arrived at home at 22.00h. Amazing it just took 5-6 hrs in total. 

It was a wonderful weekend . Thank you for hosting me dear Esther! <3

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New slippers

Warm slippers are a must during winter time. You wil barely see me walking barefoot in the house then as we have aan old house the flloor is always cold. Great for summerdays but not during colder days. 

My felted slippers are about to fall apart. Even my kids like to wear them. This pair was made in summer 2011 while I was at the Tasara weaving centre I made them with white wool and afterwards they dyed them for me. A local shoe maker added some soles under it , just before I flew home.

viltalakim, slofen

The next pair I made was also in the same weaving centre but in 2012. And this time I added leather under it. That really helped a lot too, to keep the slippers in good condition. What i did learn form the leather part is that next tiem i better cut teh leather little bigger so my threads  will not touch the ground, becase of that  groung touching it now falls apart. I'll repair them again, so no worries they are stil perfect to use. 

viltalakim, sloffen

viltalakim, sloffen, vilt

But as I have plenty of ideas and materials I now wanted to make some thicker slippers. After clearing my table I felt finally free to make a pair for myself and guided a freind whom wanted to make slippers herself too. 

viltalakim, sloffen in wording, slippers

work in progress

viltalakim, sloffen, vilt, wol

ready but stil wet


the moring after...  I dreamt about makign shoes out of them so I can wear them the whole day also outside. ;-)

sloffen, viltalakim, kim Nijsten

I bet i'll add some more things to them, leather soles and maybee some embroidert too... these are going to last a loooong time . 


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