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I have not been blogging about this theme for a long time, not that no happy things happened to me, but I just didn’t have energy for noticing it. But it looks like I have many happy things to share:

Starting with last friday, I went by bike (30 minutes cycling) on my own to the beautyfull city Maastricht.  It Felt so right.. no kids, no husband just me and my plans  :) one of them was to visit a very old lady whom I used to work for when I was 14 yrs old. She and her husband used to have a pattisserie (bakery) I have always been visiting and helping them out ever since I left there for my study in another city. Two years ago I heard her husband was ill and I offered them to drive and go to the docter etc.  soon after that appointment he passed away and I visited her as much as possible. It was last november since I was at her place so I really wanted to visit her on friday.  But I’ll try and keep my happy stat short so here it goes:

viltalakim, theelichtjes wol, vilt, candlelightholders

fingers crossed this vase is waterproof ...

  • walking in a city like Maastricht early and all people ( mostly men)  said goodmorning to me?  This gave me such a special feeling , I think just what I needed :)
  • walking in streets I used to cycle through when I was a teenager… felt young and free again :)
  • a nice visit to the old lady
  • cycling
  • the performance of my oldest daughter at school, gosh she has grown up…. I can recal the first time she stood up on that stage there being a 4 yr old…

felt-  vilt a la kim- vilt- wol- theelicht houder

Saturday’s happy stats:

  •  I cycled back to Maastricht with my daughter to participate in a FLASHMOB: another great experience. Meg was a little shy, but she loved being with me and watching the others..
  • the warm shower I had at home because we were soaked…

vilt, viltalakim, felt, vase,

Now for today:

  • Dawn’s nice comment and reaction to my previous post made me smile :)
  • a phonecall I got from a shopholder I talked with Friday; she is clearing up her hat making stuff… Thursday I am the first one to have a look on what she has (hatblocks, hatmaterials, beads, fabrics, etc.. 
  • the broken branch of a cherry tree I spotted today on a pavement… I went back and cutted it smaller to add in my vase.  One part is inside now, the other still outside, leaving them there, till the first part has bloom.. … double luck I ‘d call that, hihihi


Hope you had a wonderfull weekend too and also many happy stats!!

I’ll post pictures of these branches with flowers, but It will probably take a while before they bloom. Thanks for reading .

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Today I descided to do nothing.

Nothing ? Yes no task I “must ” do.  Only fun things or things I feel like to do

Last week I helped  with the preparations and at the open day at my work  (school). This was on a saturday, so on sunday I was tired all day.

On monday I started with feethrefelex therapy.  Which had effect as my body responds to it on different ways :( After this session I was beaten.. slept for 2 hours. In the evening a colleque of mine dropped of 36 papertests made by students. I wanted to help them so I offered to check them all ….. worked for 1,5 hour and wasn”t finished at all :(

this answer was very funny.

Tuesdaymorning I went to  my school again, to continue checking the papers and to let my face see to my other colleques (as I heard rumours that they didn’t like to read on my blog I did nice things all week, instead of working ) When you watch the date above the posts you can see I am not an everyday writer and I don’t like to write about workmatters or the way I feel all the time as that isn’t my purpose for this blog.  But today I do, as it really hurt me,  people think  I am taking  a profit of my sickness. Too bad my arm ain’t broken so everyone can see. A brun-out isn’t visuable from the outdise and believe me if it was possible I’d be right back at the workplace again.

Anyway I left at 13.00h to go a docters appointment. When I came home I was very tired again, but needed to pick up my kids from their school  first. Slept again for an hour while the kids were playing . In the evening I went to bed early.

Wednesday I planned to help my colleque A. . We had to breakdown all the christmasdecorations we made with students in the church nearby school. As I was at 9.30 at school I collected the 22  tests of the students of the 4th grade. at 10.00h A.I and 10 students went to the church and took everything off and back to school. A student was very loud and had wasn’t really listenig to the things A. said…it annoyed me and made me nervous. In the classroom I helped to put everything back to it’s place again and at 12.00 o’clock I went home again as I can concentrate better when I am at home. I was again tired , but the testresults were needed by thurday  so I continued working at these test for an hour, Went to do some shopping and picking up one daughter whom was playing with a friend. After dinnertime I finally had some time to continue working at the tests of the 3rd grade. Checked the tests again from 20.30 and asked my hubby to help me count all the points together and at 23.oo h I was done with them :) finally I could go to bed.

The tests of the 4thgrade will have to wait till tomorrow.  I’ll be driving to Heerlen again for a talk with my teamleader/ boss and to collect another 22 written works of the students…….. Luckily I haven’t planned anything in the weekend :) And Yes I know there are colleques whom have to check 120 papers or more….

So that’s why I descided to do nothing for school today anymore, I need to be creativ again, I cannot explain, it comes from inside ,  just like you need food or drinks, or  whatever…. can you imagine?

I will enjoy my day today, how about you???


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