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Wow how time flies, doesn't it? I just saw my last post is from months ago. The reasons for that is that I had a very good freind from India  was staying here adn itw as a busy time lots of things to organise. Now, during the vacation time a good moment to look back at what  I did.  

In the beginning of May we had a groupexhibition in Kanne, Belgium. The opening evening was very promissing.

expositie Kanna

The 3 days after this evening I was going to offer small felting workshops there to all whom wanted to felt... we had heigh expectations.... 

viltalakim workshop, vilten

But as it was springvacation, I guess many children were out on vacation to warmer places :( So not that many workshops to do

After that Vasudevan left to Uk to give workshops there and a lexcture in Estonia and for me started teaching again, a very busy time as examns and end of year presentations were held.

 I gave a workshop Canlde light votivs,

viltalakim, vilt, wol, theelichtjes, kaarsjes

Made a new kind of shawl, using Indian Saree left over fabrics, 

viltalakim, shawl, stola,

a workshop rug making


made a rug myself too :)

viltalakim, raw wool, wool, vilt

viltalakim, ruwe wol, wool, wol, vilt

and  my good freind Heather came to visit me for in the weekend June 1th and 2nd. We finally met after mailing for so many years now. I showed her Maastricht and Den Bosch, organised a meeting here with 2 other ladies she knew and are also freinds of mine: Mitsy and Mariana plus their kids it was a great weekend. 

On sunday when she left, the weather was excellent for an outside (late) breakfast.

The weekend after that Vasudevan came back and on Sunday 9th we drove all the way to  Blankenham and Vledder (places 3 hours drive from my place) to pick up 3 looms I bought after first seeing them. I'll make a seperate post for the looms. 

Ok that'is it for so far. In the next post more about the textile workhsops we gave..... to be continued

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I am always amazed by how fast a year goes by…  last year we were in Sweden and when I came back from that vacation I felt like I was drifting away from a shore, sitting in a boat with no peddles…  not knowing where to go with my life… no direction, no clue, not easy…

But then I decided to follow my intuition more and more and the result was

  • I went back to my teaching job,  

  • made my shop official and got published in a magazine called`Linda Mode`,


  • started Facebook, met Terriea Kwong coming all the way from Hong Kong here in my place

  • the Holly Communion of my youngest daughter

viltalakim. blinnies world

  • felted a lot participated at felting workshops in Bonn (Germany), Amsterdam and sold at fairs


  • I think one of my  higlights was my journey to India all alone and the first time outside Europe.

viltalakim, flowerarrangements

The feelings of all these experiences cannot be told and are in my heart forever. One of the things I also learned last year was to set boundaries but also goals and believe in them… they will come out!!

In November I thought my felting business was dead, but then in December I sold more then I could imagine a  special order to be send to Los Angeles, 200 little soaps, 2 Christmas fairs. The Pecha Kucha presentation of 20 pictures with per picture 20 seconds……. There were many more great things in 2011, but my post would be endless ;-) So I’d better stop. you can read all about it when you scroll back in my blog….

  I just hope my business keeps on growing. I like the orders and giving workshops. Maybe there is even a workshop for you!! Please take a look.

Yesterday I started making my last piece of felt in 2011 and it was this:

viltalakim, felt, vilt, deken, blanket. baby

 a baby blanket with two different sides one is in aubergine with a heart and the other side soft green. I’ll soon list it in my shop and hope there will be many more new things listed in my shop in 2012

.viltalakim, vilt felt, blanket, deken, felt, wool

I want to wish you all Happy new year , in good health and creativity. May all you dreams come true and thank you for following me, till next year!

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As many of you know I also love sharing my felting experiences in workshops. Last week we had autumn break at work  and suddenly this week was filled with felting :) Mostly in the evenings as I also did nice things with my children.

Monday I felted 2 hats. (the other side of the first hat can be seen here )

viltalakim, hoed, hat, felt, vilt, wol, wool

viltalakim, felt, vilt, wool, saree

a hat made with saree from India

Tuesday I started felting 2 scarfs

viltalakim, felt, sjaal, lace

Wednesday I felted new Christmas trees

viltalakim, felt, tree, kerstboom

Thursday I helped 2 ladies making a vest and a blanket

viltalakim , felt, filz

not totally felted jet.... but nearly done

viltalakim, deken, workshop, felt, vilt,

the proud maker....

Friday 2 students came and they made pencil holders and gloves I myself started working on new soaps

viltalakim, felt, vilt, wol, soaps, zeep

Saturday I had 2 ladies making a wraphat and I now feel like making some of them for shop (or myself? ) too…. 

viltalakim, felt, filz, vilt, wol, wool,

Hmm what does this say about me??? Well anyway tomorrow I’ll try to stay away from  my studio and do some more fun things with my kids….. Last day of our autumn break… Tomorrow we will have wintertime and our clock moves one hour back .Dark mornings and evenings :(

Enjoy your weekend!!

Ps, If you also want to  make something from felt, just  contact me and we can also make a private appointment if the data I planned are not suitable for you.

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It is summertime and although the weather is more like autumn, I happen to have many happy moments last week.

Best of all my youngest daughter turned 8 on thursday July 14th, unbelievable she is 8 already.. how fast time flies. I recall her birthday like it was yesterday. A super hot day it was, temperatures of 28 C, but inside the house it was nice, and the labour went fine too. 

We had her birthday party 2 days before her birthday and how lucky we were by doing so!! Tuesday we had great warm weather, which the kids of course loved while walking the bare feet path and as they could go for a `dive `in our little swimming pool although it started raining :)

Yesterday (Friday) we went to a wildpark in Gangelt, Germany, walked in the Forrest and the kids gave the deers and goats and all the other animals some special food, which they really loved. Afterwards I was able to buy a secondhand notebook to take along to my trip to India and wile driving back home we came across a wonderful field filled with sunflowers, cornflowers and poppies…. as far as the eye could see… so beautiful and rare here in our area. We stopped and we walked a long way into that flied as many sunflowers were already picked. Kids started to play hide and seek and I really love standing in between a flied of flowers. Reminded me of my childhood when we also played in the fields surrounding our house….

We all picked a bunch of flowers to take along  they looked like this the morning after we picked them:

flowers, viltalakim 

and meanwhile I also managed to make some felt:

viltalakim. felt, vilt, wool, wikkelrok and two  small scarfs of which one is  fitting to this skirt :
viltalakim, scarf, vilt,

hope you can find  many happy moments too this summertime!


It has been a while since I had a weekly happty stats. Not that no happy things happened, I guess I was just to bussy with getting back to work the extra events we had there and my felting thing.

Last week I had vacation and I am happy for:

  • the beautyfull weather we had felt,  and still feels, like summer already
  • the Art fair I partcipated at in Sittard. Talked to really nice people
  • the visit we made to my sister and our new nephew livng in Den Haag and since that place is so close to the sea we also went to pay it a visit too.

scheveningen strand

beach at Scheveningen

  • the good new I had about my felted bottle being accepted for a “designsupermarket” upcoming thursday and friday in Heerlen. Might see you there?
  • The fun I had with my own kids having also vacation
  • The nice meeting with Mariana and Mitsy
  • 7 very happy faces of kids whom came to felt a keychainholder for mothersday

viltalakim, workshop, vilten, felting, filzen,

  • the cultural evening I had in Baexem for the 50th anniversary of a music organisation called LBT.
  • and last but not least the presents I got  for mothersday..  Janna gave me a by herself made cupcake display  and Meg gave me some chocalates.
  •  And on top on that this is what really made me smile all day long:

    Filled with spellingmistakes, hihihihi

    But saying Ik hou van jou mama = I love you Mommy

    Will treasure it forever :)

    Hope you also had many happy moments last week, makes a life so much easier


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