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So last friday I was finally patient enoug to make some new angels. I experimented with the things I had and all of a sudden these grew out of my hands:
viltalakim, engeltjes, angel, felt, wool, wol,
First white angels, made from soft merino wool and wooden wings
viltalakim, , kim nijsten, wol, vilt, angel, white, wit, wool, wings
but why stick to white only ?
Let me make some red ones too...  
adding stars in silver  some in gold  and some in red. 
viltalakim, engel, angel, wol, wool,
and I asked my kids what other color shall I make now?
They looked at the curtain behind me whit all colors wool I ahve in Stock and  said that golden Yellow, So I followed their advice
After that I also made some purple ones as I think that is a trendy color for christmas  this year I think (but honestly it is my fav color ;-) )) 
viltalakim, angels, beschermengeltjes, rood, wit, pars, geel
and after that my wings were all gone......
So I need to order new ones... 2-3 weeks before they will arrive and I can have such a nice angel day again...  which colors to make then??? 
The white ones are already in my etsy shop
.viltalakim, engel, angel, decorationm ornament
Price of the small ones are €3,95 each and the bigger ones are €5,95 each. I'll take them along to al the fairs I am attempting upcoming months so if you are around give me a visit then ok?
angels, viltalakim, bighugelabs
tip: click on the picture and you'll see it bigger ;-)  

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It is going to be a bussy period upcoming months, The Christmas holiday season is slowly starting. So every spare minute I try to make something and try to sell it in my shop or at fairs. I must admit due to the fact my camera isn't working properly anymore I hestitate listing new things to my shop. At fairs my range of products will be wider and more.viltalakim, Kim Nijsten, vilt, engeltjes, angel, wool, wol 
Last few days I managed to make some more guardian angels , some in White and some in Pink Oh and if you happen to live in my area I planned to give a workshop on how to make these angels  at  Monday 10th of December and Thursday Dec 13th  from 20-22h
viltalakim, Kim Nijsten, engeltjes, wol, wool, Angels, rose, wit
and I added a finishing touch to the flowerbrooches I make every now and then.
viltalakim, broche, bloem, flower, felt, wool, wol
Price is only €15,- each.
If you are interested in any of these just  feel free to contact me ok? 

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I still need to show you the other results, don’t I? Well due to my birthday last Friday I kind of run out of time … In the morning I gave a children birthday felting workshop with this as results:

viltalakim, feltingworkshop, kinderfeestje, vilten, wol, vilt

and after that I had to prepare everything for the guests later on the afternoon, I got many many birthday wishes, calls, cards and lovely  presents.


me at the end of the evening, My first day being 37 was over…..  :)

kim Nijsten, viltalakim

but I’ll not keep you waiting any longer . Here are the new scarfs I dyed, I now have a purple collection, hihihi not sure if I don’t make something else from it, but for the time being they look like this: I think it would also be a great one for a man.

viltalakim,vilt, felt, scarf, shibori, dye. verf

viltalalkim, scarf, purple,

It looks like I forgot to make a picture of the other scarfs, will do so when I have some daylight again…

Till the next time

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I am always amazed by how fast a year goes by…  last year we were in Sweden and when I came back from that vacation I felt like I was drifting away from a shore, sitting in a boat with no peddles…  not knowing where to go with my life… no direction, no clue, not easy…

But then I decided to follow my intuition more and more and the result was

  • I went back to my teaching job,  

  • made my shop official and got published in a magazine called`Linda Mode`,


  • started Facebook, met Terriea Kwong coming all the way from Hong Kong here in my place

  • the Holly Communion of my youngest daughter

viltalakim. blinnies world

  • felted a lot participated at felting workshops in Bonn (Germany), Amsterdam and sold at fairs


  • I think one of my  higlights was my journey to India all alone and the first time outside Europe.

viltalakim, flowerarrangements

The feelings of all these experiences cannot be told and are in my heart forever. One of the things I also learned last year was to set boundaries but also goals and believe in them… they will come out!!

In November I thought my felting business was dead, but then in December I sold more then I could imagine a  special order to be send to Los Angeles, 200 little soaps, 2 Christmas fairs. The Pecha Kucha presentation of 20 pictures with per picture 20 seconds……. There were many more great things in 2011, but my post would be endless ;-) So I’d better stop. you can read all about it when you scroll back in my blog….

  I just hope my business keeps on growing. I like the orders and giving workshops. Maybe there is even a workshop for you!! Please take a look.

Yesterday I started making my last piece of felt in 2011 and it was this:

viltalakim, felt, vilt, deken, blanket. baby

 a baby blanket with two different sides one is in aubergine with a heart and the other side soft green. I’ll soon list it in my shop and hope there will be many more new things listed in my shop in 2012

.viltalakim, vilt felt, blanket, deken, felt, wool

I want to wish you all Happy new year , in good health and creativity. May all you dreams come true and thank you for following me, till next year!

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Just listed

viltalakim. felt, wool, merino, India, red, white, tarsa

before dyeing

Yes the first of a special collection…  made by me  in the open air in Kozhikode (Calicut)  India and all these bags are made with soft 18 micron white wool and after wetfelting, tie-dyed by Vasudevan from to give it a stunning color which matches a colorfull outfit.

viltalakim, felt, vilt, bag. tas

Now available in my etsy shop.

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